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Jeanette M. Pintar
03/30/2012   The Answer Is Yes!  By Jeanette M. Pintar
Have you ever wondered if anyone loved you?  Have you ever given your all but still wondered if it was good enough, if you were good enough?  Have you ever wondered if maybe, just maybe, there could be an angel looking over your shoulder?[..]
David McLaughlan
03/27/2012   Busy Angels By David Mclaughlan  By David McLaughlan
Soul Magic BUSY ANGELS by David McLaughlan For the past few weeks Gladys has been wakening up, for no apparent reason, at 3.30 every morning. She usually got back to sleep, but it took a while and it did leave her feeling exhausted the ne[..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
03/23/2012   Take The Time  By Joseph J. Mazzella
SFPNN Special Edition: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Take the Time By Joseph J. Mazzella Rush, rush, rush, hurry, hurry, hurry, check your watch, check your schedule, and worry, worry, worry! Gulp down your coffee, wolf down your breakfast, and[..]
03/20/2012   Dolphin Rescue  By Misty
Fuzzy Tales DOLPHIN RESCUE IN BRAZIL The following video was shot on March 5th in Brazil.  A pod of dolphins was swimming in with the tide – either rounding up fish, escaping a predator, or possibly due to an undersea earthquake.  The[..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
03/09/2012   Sparkling Eyes  By Joseph J. Mazzella
Kindness Suggestion SPARKLING EYES By Joseph J. Mazzella      I got a new picture of my sponsor child Lizther in the mail today. I was amazed at how different she seemed now. It looked like she had grown up overnight. I went and took[..]
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