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Larry G
04/30/2012   To Bless Unlocking  By Larry G
Dawn's light presents a precious gift, may the gift's unlocking aid its own receiving. Morning coffee unlocks an aroma of alertness, may the fragrance of release awaken intuition. Midday friends share conversation and meals, may this unlo[..]
Moira Shepard
04/30/2012   Center Of The Universe  By Moira Shepard
It's all about you. There's this great iPhone app called "Around Me" that detects your location and then lists the movie theaters, coffee shops and other attractions within a few miles of where you are at that moment. It's as if you're the[..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
04/27/2012   Remember Love  By Joseph J. Mazzella
SFPNN Special Edition: Friday, April 27th, 2012 Remember Love By Joseph J. Mazzella My Italian Grandmother was a wonderful woman. "Nanny" had a loving, vibrant soul that she carried around in a short, heavyset body. She had a passion for[..]
Joy Hart
04/25/2012   Every Little Nuance  By Joy Hart
This song represents the attitude with which I try to live my life. EVERY LITTLE NUANCE I choose to experience Every little nuance of my life. This very moment will never be again, So I choose to live it now. Knowing that if I am open to [..]
04/25/2012   The Freedom Trail – Boston, Ma City Hall, Bookstore, And Meeting House: Part 3 Of 6  By Patty
  Continuing our journey along the Freedom Trail, the next sights we see are:    OLD CITY HALL - OLD CORNER BOOKSTORE - OLD SOUTH MEETING HOUSE     A statue of Benjamin Franklin welcomes you to the next stop on The Freedom Trail[..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
04/24/2012   You Can See God  By Joseph J. Mazzella
YOU CAN SEE GOD By Joseph J. Mazzella I sat at my desk staring at the letter for a long time. It was written by a friend of mine who was going through some difficult times. It listed problem after problem and seemed full of despair. It ende[..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
04/20/2012   A Morning Gift  By Joseph J. Mazzella
SFPNN Special Edition: Friday, April 20th, 2012 A Morning Gift By Joseph J. Mazzella Every morning when I wake up I find a neatly wrapped gift lying on my chest. Now I have to admit that in my past I always pushed this gift aside without[..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
04/20/2012   Be A Mirror  By Joseph J. Mazzella
Kindness Suggestion BE A MIRROR by Joseph J. Mazzella Several years ago I noticed something strange: people seemed to be smiling at me more often. During my young adult years people had never smiled at me that much. Most of the people I sa[..]
04/18/2012   The Freedom Trail – Boston, Ma Kings Chapel And Kings Chapel Burying Grounds: Part 2 Of 6  By Patty
KINGS CHAPEL - KINGS CHAPEL BURYING GROUNDS     After leaving Granary Burial Ground our next stop is the King's Chapel.    King's Chapel is a 1754 church designed by Peter Harrison and known for its Georgian interior. Do try to g[..]
04/18/2012   The Freedom Trail – Boston, Ma In The Beginning: Part 1 Of 6  By Patty
Your visit to Boston must include a walk into history along the Freedom Trail. There is probably no city more thoroughly draped in the history of Revolutionary America than Boston, Massachusetts. Ben Franklin, Bunker Hill, Old Ironsides, Pa[..]
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