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Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
07/04/2012   Sunny The Cat  By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
I thought it would be such fun to put my cat on my lap and talk to him about the truth. After all, cats, like most or all animals, have an uncanny sense of the truth. They know if you don’t like them. They also often sense what is about t[..]
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
07/04/2012   Dr. Barbara’s Latest Novel: Next Year In Jerusalem  By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
My new novel will be out by June 1. I'm having such fun talking about why I wrote it as a writer and a psychologist and what issues the two main characters, Natalie and Maggie have to face.  Tune in with the link below as I share more abou[..]
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
07/04/2012   Complimentary Teleclass On Grandparenting  By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
What if you could show your teen or tween grandchild that you can communicate with them on their level? As you know, much of my work revolves around creating strong bonds between grandparents and grandchildren. I have created this 30-minute[..]
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
07/04/2012   Radio Shows For Women  By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Announcing Dr. Barbara’s Happiness for Women Only Radio Series Listen to the Radio Show Archives The Happiness for Women Only! series focuses on different age groups as seen below. We take a look at happiness as viewed through the lens[..]
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
07/04/2012   Finding Happiness – Again  By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Happiness is not a state to be achieved. It is instead a state to be discovered – or perhaps rediscovered. I can show you how to rediscover that happiness you experienced as a child using memories. I call this method the Seven Gates To Ha[..]
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
07/04/2012   Delight  By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Just heard from a reader that she loved my book, Delight, and it inspired her to connect with her grandmother in a new way; actually she is now taking sewing lessons, something her grandmother encouraged her to do a long time ago. I am so h[..]
Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
07/04/2012   It Isn’t Always Easy  By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
It’s not always easy to find and open the Seven Gateways to Happiness.  Not because they are locked or giant heavy gates.  The reason it isn’t easy is that opening them means giving some value to ourselves.  This sounds so simple, bu[..]
Joseph Walker
07/04/2012   New Graves  By Joseph Walker
To me, it was all about popularity. That’s sort of the way my mind worked back in the days of the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Brothers Gibb.  I liked to listen to popular music.  I liked to watch popular TV shows.  I liked to wear[..]
Jeannie Helene
07/04/2012   Death  By Jeannie Helene
Accepting loss Grieving A widow am I   Death has passed Can’t turn back I look to the sky   Beneath the black veil Through the clouds Of uncertainty I am pale   How did I pull through? I made it to this day Y[..]
Jeannie Helene
07/04/2012   The Wheel  By Jeannie Helene
Tranquil spirit in silence and home Reflecting on self I write this poem   Peaceful beginning – humbly alone Piercing through darkness my light is shown   Going with the flow – it’s taking its time Healing has brought[..]
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