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Jeanette M. Pintar
08/23/2012   Listen To Love  By Jeanette M. Pintar
Today’s Kindness Suggestion is dedicated to Linda Stark and Maria Pintar LISTEN TO LOVE Last year I had the most difficult time I’ve ever had picking out a card for Mom for Mother’s Day. It had to be just right. It had to say everyt[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
08/23/2012   Make ‘em Laugh  By Jeanette M. Pintar
MAKE ‘EM LAUGH There’s not one of us alive who doesn’t need a good laugh now and then. As they say, laughter is the best medicine! So go ahead, make them laugh! Need some help? Share a few puns or good jokes. Or share this video of D[..]
Joy Hart
08/22/2012   All That I Can Be  By Joy Hart
Am I being all that I can be? Or am I being what I think is me? My being knows what I’m meant to be Out of all possibility. Miracles can come from anywhere. When you look for them, they’ll be there. This is what happens when you know Th[..]
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