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Joy Hart
10/31/2012   Moments Of Joy: The Only Thing  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy This is the way I want to go through life. This is a reminder of how I want to live. THE ONLY THING The only thing you ever need to doIs let whatever is be a blessing to you.Look for the gift each moment contains.When you [..]
10/31/2012   Current Issue: Honor Them Now, The Only Thing, Good News, Ephesus  By admin
Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network: Wednesday, October 31th, 2012 Howdy Folks and Good Day! Happy Halloween, My Friends! While there are many stories about the origination of Halloween, the one which seems the most common is that [..]
10/31/2012   Ephesus  By Patty
WELCOME TO THE ANCIENT RUINS OF EPHESUS, TURKEY VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL St Paul's New Testament Letter to the Ephesians was written to the citizens of Ephesus. The Virgin Mary is believed to have spent her last days on earth here. (my [..]
10/30/2012   Soul Magic: My Journey Into Selflessness – By “soul Magic.”  By admin
MY JOURNEY INTO SELFLESSNESS By “Soul Magic” Previously, I had known “Soul Magic” ONLY by one thing… A record/vinyl by YBU called Soul Magic, a beautiful tune. So I chose the name “Soul Magic” as my username for a dating sit[..]
David McLaughlan
10/30/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: In The Shadow  By David McLaughlan
IN THE SHADOW It was one of those all-to-rare summer mornings in Scotland when the sun was beating down and the dogs were walking with their tongues hanging out. Harry and I were strolling along a distance behind the dogs, when he stopped[..]
10/30/2012   Current Issue: In-dependent, In The Shadow, Selflessness  By admin
Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network: Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 Howdy Folks and Good Day! Life is full of so many ironies!  Not the least of which is how much society teaches us we need to be independent, our own person, self-suff[..]
10/29/2012   Pictures In The Soul  By Rosvita
Pictures in the Soul A hint of fall is in the air, while the sun still warms her body.  Her mind begins to quiet with every stroke of the paddle on the river.  She has looked forward to her personal time. It does take some effort to lea[..]
Tom R. Oh
10/29/2012   Christmas Tree Chronicles: What’s In Your Walnut?!  By Tom R. Oh
WHAT’S IN YOUR WALNUT?! Vol. CCXXXII TheChristmas TreeChronicles   ‘You’ll nair get shed of old drunkards, I’ll tell you the reason why--- There’s two old drunkards get theirselves born For air old drunkard to die.[..]
Sir Froggie
10/29/2012   Sir Froggie’s Pondering: If God Could Tell You Just One Thing It Would Be “ I Love You ”  By Sir Froggie
Sir Froggie’s Pondering Ancient Amphibious Wisdom for a Modern Day World       IF GOD COULD TELL YOU JUST ONE THING, IT WOULD BE, “I LOVE YOU.” Are you tuned in to Divine Guidance?  When you pray, do you[..]
Moira Shepard
10/29/2012   Miracles With Moira: F Is For “ Foolish ”  By Moira Shepard
F IS FOR “FOOLISHNESS” Who decides what's foolish? The people who swore Mohandas K. Gandhi would never free India from her British overlords ... Who vowed Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and others like him would never drink from a fountai[..]
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