How to distinguish between Divine Guidance
and Ego / Fear / Imagination

Divine Guidance will always come from a place of Love.

Ego/Fear/Imagination breeds fear and confusion.

Divine Guidance will always lift you up, and leave you feeling empowered

Ego/Fear/Imagination DIS-empowers you.

Divine Guidance lets you know YOU

Ego tries to convince you you’re a helpless victim or that you’re not good enough.

Divine Guidance helps you manifest your heart’s truest desires and abundance in every realm.

Ego blocks you or tells you that you’ll never get what you want.  It works from a reference point of lack.

Divine Guidance helps you work with your strengths and apply them in meaningful ways.

Ego plays upon your weaknesses & darkest fears, discounts your strengths & accomplishments.

Divine Guidance gives you positive feedback, yet lovingly helps you in specific areas if needed.

Ego lashes out criticism (and can do so either in-your-face or so subtle it’s hard to recognize, you just know you feel like you’ve been deflated).  Ego also makes generic and pointless criticisms you can do nothing about.

Divine Guidance will help you improve areas which will bring you peace and take you closer to your purpose by giving you doable step by step instructions, one piece at a time.

Ego causes discord and wreaks havoc on your thoughts and emotions.  Instead of helping you take proactive steps, it paralyzes you in fear with an all or nothing approach.  Instead of baby steps, Ego says you have to jump off the cliff to make it happen.

Divine Guidance is often very simple.

Ego tries to make things seem complex.

Divine Guidance is repetitive and straight forward.

Ego throws things at you out of the blue and tries to derail you from your original divinely inspired goals and purpose.

Divine Guidance works within the realm of what you know you can do.

Ego throws the seemingly impossible at you and sets conditions you know you cannot meet.

Divine Guidance has its own time.  It may set gentle guidelines but the focus is on taking step after step.  If you don’t meet the goal time, Divine Guidance helps you keep going in that direction anyway.

Ego sets artificial timelines and says you’ve failed if you don’t meet them, tries to convince you to give up.

Divine Guidance may assign specific goals to work for, such as “sell 1,000 books,” but won’t use that number as a way to assess judgment or failure.  It merely keeps you moving in the direction or your goal.

Ego assigns numbers as a way to control, manipulate and judge you and others.  These numbers are often difficult or impossible to achieve.

Divine Guidance has a peaceful or positively charged energy or feel to it.

Ego drains you, fills you with fear and negativity.

Divine Guidance will give you a feeling of “Yes, that’s it. I knew that’s what I should do.”

Ego throws out nondescript suggestions that leave you feeling fearful and/or confused.

Divine Guidance often comes from a place of love, peace, and service, and prompts you to act in service to others.

Ego says, “It’s all about ME!” and doesn’t care how your actions affect others.

Divine Guidance wants you to revel in your accomplishments and take joy in your abundance.

Ego tries to make you feel guilty and undeserving.

Divine Guidance prompts you to share and help others, and you do so gladly.

Ego again says, “all or nothing,” or tries to make you believe there isn’t enough to share.  When you find something or someone that needs help, ego tries to convince you that you can’t help.

Divine Guidance sees people as divine beings, equals and counterparts, there to learn, grow and teach with you.

Ego sees people as competition, better or worse than you.

Divine Guidance is always respectful, even when dealing with a truthful situation that may need your attention to change.

Ego is disrespectful… to yourself, others and even to God but tries to convince you otherwise.

Divine Guidance doesn’t judge or compare… yourself, others or God.  It shows you people as inspiration.

Ego is always judging, always comparing.

Divine Guidance opens up your heart, flows through your chakras, expands or calms your energy.

Ego will open your fears, drain or block your chakras and suck your energy.  It has a very nervous, toxic, negative feel to it.

Divine Guidance brings you closer to truth, love, healing and your life purpose.  It lifts you up and gives you peace or enthusiasm about yourself and the truth, love, healing or life purpose you are working toward.

Ego tries to block you from your truth, love, healing and life purpose.  It may try to disguise these blocks as “necessary” or “logical” even though they appear out of the blue and have a fear based feeling to them.  Ego drains you, discredits you and makes you feel like “what’s the use?”  The closer you get to your goal, the more ego will object!

Divine Guidance works with you and accepts you where you are.  It gives you step by step directions it knows you can handle from where you are comfortable, even if it makes you reach or stretch a little.

Ego knows your fears and weaknesses and tells you that you must overcome these in order to fulfill your purpose.  It tries to trick you into thinking you’re not good enough, or your not ready because what you want is out of reach. 

Divine Guidance helps you see beyond your circumstances.  It gives you a vision you know in your heart of hearts is attainable even if you’re not sure how or why yet.  Divine Guidance credits you for the small things you do as well as the medium and large.

Ego tries to block you from seeing beyond your circumstances or gives you an unattainable grandiose goal.  It tries to either discredit you and your goals or use them in a way to put yourself or others down.

Divine Guidance builds things one on top of the other; everything you learn, everything you do, begins to compliment each other and work toward the benefit of yourself, others and your life purpose.

Ego expects you to leap from here to there without any in between preparations.  It tries to jump from start to finish and when you feel that it is impossible, it tells you everything you’ve done is in vain.  It makes you believe everything is unrelated and a waste of time.

Divine Guidance will NEVER harm you or another.

Ego goes for the jugular, even in subtle ways that might not seem “that bad” at first.

Divine Guidance embraces forgiveness and truth.

Ego wants to be right, convinces you you’re justified in toxic anger, negativity or non-forgiveness.

Divine Guidance is soothing, expansive… in body, mind and energy.

Ego is fearful, constrictive… in body, mind and energy.

Divine Guidance is like a good friend or wise elder.  It is often calm, gentle, firm and consistent.

Ego loves to throw temper-tantrums like a child, tirades like an out-of-control teenager, or controls and manipulates like dictator or control-freak.  It can feel bipolar, schizophrenic, unpredictable and inconsistent, extreme, and very critical.

Divine Guidance makes you feel calm and confident in who you are.

Ego makes you wonder, “Am I crazy?”

Divine Guidance comes to you when you’re open to receiving, when you’re peaceful and calm, or when you’ve asked for Heaven’s help.  Divine Guidance will reduce problems into doable solutions.  Divine Guidance often comes in with gratitude or a sense of reassurance.

Ego comes charging in when you’re confused or slightly fearful and snowballs the confusion and fear into something much bigger than it is.  It may also come in like a bull as soon as you’ve said, “I feel great!”  Or have stated some other truth in confidence so that it can challenge your confidence and make you feel small.

Divine Guidance accepts compliments, knowing they are the light of God showing through you.

Ego rejects the compliments as untrue or seeks an ulterior motive.  It may also try to convince you that you are undeserving or unworthy, or even too good! 

Divine Guidance praises you for accepting your call.  When others compliment you, Divine Guidance says “That’s the way!  WE did it!”

Ego says, “I did it all by myself!  Nobody was there for me.  Nobody helped me.”

Divine Guidance lets you know you’re never alone.

Ego tries to make you feel like you’re the only one.

Divine Guidance says, “Shine Your Light.  It’s the Light of God and you’re here to be Who YOU Are in God.”

Ego says, “Be careful.  What if they find out you’re a fraud?!”

Bottom line, Divine Guidance is LOVE.

Ego is FEAR, false evidence appearing real.