As I was doing healing work on several occasions, I noticed that in the process of removing old beliefs or woundings and downloading new ones from Spirit, an energy vortex would form, much like a little tornado.


I began to work with this energy vortex and invoke it as protective shield and got great results with it… It seems to be stronger and more efficient than just doing a protective egg of light.  The energy comes from God and is grounded with Mother Earth Energy to create an active, spinning vortex or energy all around you.  (Picture a tornado or even the cartoon character, the Tasmanian Devil.)



Begin by taking a deep breath.


Tune into your energy field.  Pay close attention to how you feel in your heart center as well as the top of your head and bottom of your feet.


Set your intention to connect with God’s energy.   Pull it down from above your head, swirling around the crown chakra.  (Try to do so energetically, by what you feel.  If you had difficulty feeling it at first, simply visualize and intend to move the God energy around the top of your head.)


Continue to connect with the God energy and swirl it all around you, from your head down to your toes, and into the ground.


Once the energy has connected with the ground swirl it back up around you again.


Repeat swirling the energy up and down, around your body, connecting both with God and the Mother Earth energy, until you are comfortable that the vortex around you is stable and will maintain itself.


Ask God and your angels to bless this vortex, allowing only positivity, love, light and healing to enter.


You can invoke the vortex any time you need to shield or reinforce yourself such as in crowded places, sitting in tight quarters, dealing with energy vampires, or when others step a little too close into your personal space.


— © JMP