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Honor Vets in any Way You Can

For years I have initiated programs for our Veterans that would honor them in different ways. My latest is trying to open the Museum Honoring All Heroes. It’s a project honoring all those who serve and protect…our neighborhoods, our country, and our shores. (Not an easy task!)

We ask these individuals to give up their time, their jobs, their families, their limbs and sometimes their lives. Those who return often have a hard time finding meaningful work, and many live below poverty level and must rely on social services.

It is a little known fact that (depending on the state) 25-33% of the homeless population are Veterans. It is a shame, and something should be done to change the situation immediately. We should honor them, and hold them in high regards.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would open a group home for Veterans with a campus teaching them skills for the job market today; and with additional funding I would do the same for battered women.  (Right now there are actually more programs for housing battered women than there are for Veterans… especially if children are involved.)

One thing we can all do is Give Thanks To All of The Veterans

Acknowledge them…

Send them a note, a card, a box of cookies and let them know that they are appreciated... www.cookiesaroundtheworld.com

Some other ways you can help are to check out these sites and get involved.






Red Cross                                                          
Holiday Mail for Heroes 
PO Box 5456                                          
Capital Heights MD 20791-5456                     

Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Ave NW
Washington DC 20307-5001

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