God Given Daisies             — by Carole Devecka


Perseverance has been called the greatest of all teachers.

Ben Franklin called “Perseverance the mother of good luck.”

Thomas Carlyle summed perseverance up in two words “Patience concentrated.”

I know without a doubt, that perseverance means to persist and to continue steadily, in pursuit of a dream or any business, even when faced with a great deal of opposition. I have believed it, lived it, persevered, and accomplished the seemingly impossible.

Many people give up too soon, just when their success was within reach.  If only they had hung on a little longer, and believed. Truly believed, that God brought them to this point, for a reason.

 No one knows our inadequacies like we do. So fear sets in and we concentrate on failure. But, when we have God almighty as our partner or co-pilot, how can we fail?!  God asks us to steadily keep on the course. We do our part, and He will do the rest. But, in order to truly achieve, we must first believe and persevere.

When I am gone, there are a few words that I wish to go along side my name… A child of God. She Believed, Persevered, and Lived with Integrity, touching lives along the way.

— © Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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