God Given Daisies             — by Carole Devecka


Magazines are offering Memorial Day survival techniques. Newspapers are offering the latest, greatest sales before Summer begins. I thought about that, momentarily wondering if our biggest worry should be how to serve a better hamburger, where to put the salads or deserts, or where to buy a beach chair and umbrella.

And then I wondered what happened to the original concept of Memorial Day? Who is honoring our fallen Heroes?

How many of us actually go to the services offered? How many pray, and honor those who have served, and those who serve today? 

I find very few people take time to honor our Heroes on Memorial Day. Most of them are elderly ex-military people who are also Heroes, having lived out their military obligations. They go, because they know what the others have gone through.

Heroes, all of them are Heroes.

Yes, they are all Heroes to me.  They give up their daily freedom, and all family relations.  They give up the comforts of home, a bed to sleep in, and a million other things we take for granted.  They give up everything for us to be free…

Free… to enjoy and celebrate our designated or religious holidays.

Free... to go where we please, when we please.

Free... to disagree with politics and government.

Free... to complain (even when we really have nothing to complain about).

Free... to dress and wear what we want.

Free... to write what we want, when we want, and become whatever we want to be.

Free... to just be you and me.


I try to teach kids to say "Thank You" to someone in uniform, and we adults need to be reminded too.  Just a simple "Thank You" can say it all.

Thank you for protecting all of us, our communities, our shores, our nations, our beliefs, our homes,  our very existence.

This Memorial Day please go for a few minutes, or for an hour or two, and from your heart say a simple THANK YOU.

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