God Given Daisies by Carole Devecka


On November 29, 1998, Parker Lee Nash, of the Greensboro News and Record, wrote an article on a study of non-traditional influences on healing.  In his article he sites the studies and scientific tests that were being conducted by scientist at Duke and Harvard universities linking prayer and health.  Some of these studies are still going on today amazing those in the medical field.

Groups of people of different backgrounds and faiths, living in different countries, were asked to pray for individuals with a certain type of illness.  These were people who absolutely believed in the healing power of prayer. They had an unwavering belief that prayer can, and does work, even in the hardest cases. Their prayers worked and the patients were significantly improved.

My daughter, Robin, is a Prayer Warrior,with an unwavering belief in the power of prayer and God's word.

One of her good friends has cancer, has been treated for it, suffered a stroke, pneumonia, and now unresponsive, she has been hooked up to many devices to keep her alive. The doctors and nurses advised the family that they should disconnect all the tubes and let her go.

People from the church have prayed around the clock for her healing. But, doctors said she didn't have any brain activity, and they should really let her go.

Robin, who is usually quiet in her ways, stood up to them all, saying that all the faithful prayers will be heard, and that all the unbelievers should do everyone a favor, and leave the room.

Those who did not doubt the healing power of prayer stayed, and within hours, her friend moved her hand, and then her foot.

Still unresponsive to the doctors words, they claimed it was "involuntary movement."

Within a few more hours, she sat up! Amazed, the nurses commented that she shouldn't be doing that because she is very heavily sedated. My daughter responded, "Yet you want her to react to your voice and requests and she doesn't even know you, and she thinks in her native Chinese language, and then translates that into English. You say she is heavily sedated, and you want her to respond, is it fair to expect that?" The nurse shook her head and left the room.

The next day Robin's friend opened her eyes. She recognized family and friends with a smile and went back into a deep sleep, at peace knowing that the Power of Prayer does work.

God bless those who do not waiver, they know that they know, without a doubt, the Power of Prayer.

Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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