God Given Daisies by Carole Devecka


Autumn is considered, by some, the season of hospitality. There is a gracious, accommodating, welcoming, friendly, neighborly, spirit in the air.

Maybe it's because we have renewed energy with the cooler weather or maybe it's the bright colors of Autumn. I read something from Albert Camus that fall is considered "A second spring when every leaf's a flower."

What ever the reason, the feeling of being hospitable, and cordial, brings joy and happiness into our lives.

It reminds us of the carefree days of childhood and running around in costumes on Halloween, or that this is a season of giving, and being thankful for what we have. Each thought brings back memories and smiles and hopes that we can make this season of hospitality something to remember with the people we share our days with.

So, welcome this season of hospitality and add, joy, happiness and peace, into your life and all those you come in contact with.

Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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