God Given Daisies             — by Carole Devecka


As we get to the biggest holiday season, one can reflect back on the year in general. I know I do.

Can I say that I accomplished everything I set out to do in 2010?

No Way!

Not even half of what I wanted to accomplish actually got done. Life has a habit of getting in the way of the best made plans!

Do I regret not getting my to-do list accomplished?  

Not by a long shot.

This year in review my Mother is still with us at 93. She turned down an operation to get her Pacemaker batteries changed. Eight weeks later she changed her mind and had it done.

She is now a Great-Great Grandma, and I am a Great Grandma. Colby James Cook charmed his way into our lives in July, and moved into our home in August along with his Mom, Mindy.

The things on my 2010 list can continue onto 2011 but shared love, compassion, relationships, good times and bad times (death of friends and family members) just couldn't wait.

In reflecting on 2010, I did get a lot of things done that weren't on my planned to do in 2010 list…

 *I went back to school and took classes with 18-30 year olds.

 *Started Ann Carole Designs, a company that helps victims of domestic violence earn money for their families, and become independent of public assistance. We make and sell handmade jewelry, natural soaps, and at this time of year, handmade Christmas ornaments.

*I’ve been working on photographs of our handmade items and getting a web-site up and running for sales on the internet.

*Zack, Nathaniel, and Max (three other grandchildren living with us) now make "Soup Made With Love" on their own... A homemade soup that takes some preparation. Everyone has to cut up ingredients into little pieces to be added to the soup, and it takes all day to cook. Ummmmmmm good!

 *Joined FlyLady.net ... an inspirational site that teaches how to clean and organize your home and life.  I'm still working on it!  In the past I belonged to the CHAOS Club: Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome (because all my other work leaves my home a mess) and I am embarrassed to have anyone over unless I spend two days cleaning and preparing...

There are not enough hours in the day for me. I am sure others can relate, especially those who make crafts!

 I’ve decided as 2010 comes to an end I will get my home clean and organized and I will treat this project like one of my others... I will treat it like it's my career and I will put everything into it, or until something else comes along that is Good for the Soul and Made with Love.

— © Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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