God Given Daisies             — by Carole Devecka


"Once upon a time" is the phase that begins many Fairy Tales.  Growing up, didn't we all believe in, or want to believe in, Fairy Tales and "they lived happily ever after" endings?

During the holidays, we all hope everything works out perfectly.  Are all our thoughts, plans and shopping for the perfect gifts, decorated home, wonderful foods, and excited kids, like believing in Fairy Tales?

If so, why not "Believe" and let the Magic happen ... Christmas lights and candles do wonders for hiding the not so perfect things around the house.

Packages wrapped with big bows strategically placed around, can hide (inside the boxes) clutter and paper work and just look "Oh so beautiful!"

Big contractor bags filled with whatever junk too good to throw out can be placed inside large boxes, wrapped and with a big bow, and used to decorate the outside areas leading to your front door. (The contractor bags keep things dry and protected inside the boxes and weigh them down so they will not be tossed in the wind or ruined in bad weather.)

Most everything in life is in the presentation, and in the story telling. So let your imagination soar!

Help everyone believe in Fairy Tales... and the perfect holidays, filled with love, peace, and happy endings today.

I promise, I will not tell your secrets – especially because cause I've used them for years.

Be stress free... Decorate in unusual ways...Tie with a bow and no one will ever know!

Happy Holidays Everyone, and may God Bless You and Yours everyday and in every way...

— © Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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