God Given Daisies by Carole Devecka



In 2011 I shall start my year with spreading kindness, and carry it throughout the coming year.

I will make a conscious effort to use my time, energy, and talents on things which produce positive energies, and result in good feelings and outcomes for others and myself.

I will make a conscious effort to learn how to "BREATHE." Yes, to breathe on purpose, not just take a breath as a regular routine of living, but to concentrate on breathing and letting go of toxic energies and taking in oxygen and healing love.

I will take those quite moments to cleanse myself in silence and fill myself with self acceptance and love.

I will learn to concentrate more on seeing and feeling all the beauty around me.

I will appreciate the beauty of nature, past experiences, perfect sunrises and sunsets, loved ones and babies at peace while they sleep.

I will organize my home, my spirit, and my life. Taking time to acknowledge, appreciate and focus on what is good, abundant, and already achieved.

2011 will be a "Blessed Year"

Happy New Year to All!

Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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