God Given Daisies             — by Carole Devecka

A NOTE from the Editor:  Please join me in praying for Carole as she heals from a fractured hip and is assisting her mother who also has some health challenges.  Those of you who’ve been with us for a long time may remember this story Carole shared in 2003.  If not, there’s no time like the present to share a miracle!


It was about 9 months after I learned to listen, and obey the voice of God. It was New Year's Day. I just finished serving dinner, dessert, and coffee to a house full of company. I left food on the table so guests could pick whatever they wanted. Then I heard a voice telling me to pack up the food and put it in my car.

I started to pack up the food. My mother said, "There are still people sitting at the table, what are you doing!?"

I answered, "I have to pack up the food and take it somewhere. Where?  I don't know.”

"You are not putting it away in the refridge?"

“No... I have to put it in my car.”

My husband said to take his truck because my car's heater didn't work and it was a very cold and windy night. I told him, “no thanks, I have to use my car.”

"Where are you going?" everyone asked...

“I really don't know yet!  But, I have to go... Go where?  I know this sounds crazy...but, I don't know! God will lead me and get me to where He wants me to go.”

OK God, where are you sending me?

Bricktown was His answer. Well Bricktown was approximately 20 minutes away, and all I knew in the Bricktownship was a shopping center, and the entrance to the Garden State Parkway, North. That Parkway runs through the state of NJ.  I reminded God that I was low on gas, (most gas stations were closed for the holiday) and I didn't have a working heater in the car.  

Off we went! Go down County Line Road to the end, turn left, stay straight 3 miles, turn right, next two blocks, make a left, then a right, then another left, go real slow on the next street… Stay on the right and pull into the 4th driveway...

OK God! We are here, but no one else is!  There are no lights on, and everywhere around the property is dark... Did I get mixed up on the directions?

"KNOCK ON THE DOOR!”  said God...

“OK, but...”


And so I did... No answer!

So I went to my car and put the bright lights on and went around the back and the side of the house, and knocked on those doors.

Still no answer!

I was freezing so I went back to my car and shut the lights off -- I didn't want to get stuck with a dead battery...this was before cell-phones.  I also shut the engine off and then crunched myself into a ball under the woolen cape I was wearing, sliding down behind the steering wheel.

I started to analyze the A frame house I was sitting in front of, pleading with God, "Come on tell me what to do!”  I slid lower behind the steering wheel, still staring at the lines of the house... It looked like a little Swiss Chalet and there was a little glow flickering at the very, very top point of the house!

God, am I seeing right? It that a candle glowing?


The door slowly opened. A woman was standing there in a robe, and her hair wrapped in a towel.

"I'm sorry to bother you" I said, “But, do you know anyone who needs food? I was told to bring food here, but I don't know if I am at the right address...”

The woman started to cry.

I said, "I don't mean to offend you, maybe it's for someone you know...”

She was sobbing now!

I hugged her...and she was shaking!

“I apologize for upsetting you…”

Sobbing she said, "You don't understand!"

I thought to myself you are so right, I don't understand.

Still sobbing she told me that she had 3 children, one a new born, only a few days old. Her husband was in the hospital with an inoperable brain tumor. There was no heat or electric on in the house, and she was out of food.


She was standing in the bathroom, with her husband's police revolver... pleading with God. She couldn't make her children freeze or starve to death... So she was going to kill them and herself... THEN THERE WAS BANGING ON THE DOOR!


I told her not to worry, that God said everything was going to be OK. So, I pulled my car right up to her doorway. It lit up the entire house. We packed things for her and the children and I took them home…

Home to a warm house, warm food, warm hearts, and a miracle none of us will ever forget!


— © Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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