God Given Daisies           — by Carole Devecka


While moving my son Scott and his family to Florida, some 1,200 miles away, I decided to take a break and visit with one of the teens in my stories who lives a few hours from my son.

Always ready to take a long ride and see some old friends, I started on a journey that should have taken approximately two hours.  Weather being the most unpredictable this year, I got caught in a Tornado watch.

I started out on a cool but sunny day but within a half hour I was driving in torrential rains, with the darkest gray skies I have ever seen.  The winds where swaying my car as if it was a flag in the breeze.  I just drove 1,200 miles to be in the warmth and sun that Florida is known for. Now I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...Where was I?   Am I in a dream? Or is this real? What happened to the beautiful day?

I continued praying through the storm and with a near miss of a very bad auto accident, I was glad I had been praying.

A truck, not seeing the car that was in front of me, which was the same color as the fog we were driving in, entered from a right side ramp...out immediately in front of the car!  Tires screeching...metal crumbling like tin foil...and me driving around them like a NASCAR driver!

I managed to escape with just a few scratches as I hit an over pass barrier on the far left of the road.

My heart still pounding from the near fatal accident, I began thanking God that He protected me and saved the people in the other two vehicles.

I arrived at my friend’s home hours late.  She didn't seem to mind. We haven't seen each other in so, so many years.  She is a mom now with three beautiful children, a lovely home and a loving husband. Everything I always wished for her.

We chatted about the past and I noticed she had a collection of beautiful chairs, angels, and some other things that I absolutely love and have collected throughout my life too. 

Then we talked about her "Thought Tree" and she said, “Oh! that’s where I got my idea from!”  I asked, “What idea?”  And she said, “I asked people to write little notes about the things they are thankful for and put them on the tree.” (It was an unattractive, almost dead tree.)  She asked people to take these little notes and read them during the holiday and it now is a wonderful tradition that she shares with her family and friends.

My friend said many times she needed the little notes to get her through some tough times when she was a teen. She remembered the songs we sang and the dances we did and the places we performed at, and asked if we could get her copies of the music we used because she wants to teach others to share their talents and bring joy to others.

You never know the little things we do which will be meaningful to someone else.   So again I ask that you take some time and create your own "Thought Tree" or Memory Book and share those special things and times with people around you...

You never know who really needs those little thoughtful messages and whose heart they will touch.

— © Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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