God Given Daisies           — by Carole Devecka



"It could happen" is my favorite phrase in the Disney movie Angels in the Outfield.  The very popular movie is about two kids in foster care, worried they will never have a permanent home, an old time baseball player who has passed his prime, the cranky manager of a losing baseball team, and those who believe "It Could Happen."


The team was called the Angels... Everyone believed only God himself and a team of Angels could help this failing team of baseball players who were losers and a manager whose faith in the team was at its all-time lowest.  To make matters worse, The Angels must win the pennant or the manager will be without a job.


When one of the kids sees an Angel who instructs him about what the baseball team should do and who should be up next, the team begins a winning season.  The other boy believes they will find a good home and stay together and that the bottom of the list team could win. He is the one who believes with all his heart, "It could happen!"


How many dreams do we squash because of negativity all around us?


How many times have we given up too early only to discover we really could have accomplished the task if we had hung in there a little longer?


Do you believe in the impossible?  Do you believe good things can happen even when circumstances and people around you say differently?


I believe "Thoughts are Things."  I also believe "We should choose the good ones."  The words we say out loud or those we say to ourselves have power…The power to create good into our lives or to bring negative things into our lives.  The more we concentrate on the things we do not want in our life, the more we draw those things into our lives.


I believe that with God, all things are possible.  Everything is within our grasp and with faith we will turn "Believe, Achieve, Receive" into a reality.  And...


I really, truly believe that "It could happen!"

— © Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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