God Given Daisies           — by Carole Devecka


Many times we see or hear that we should "Stay in the Present Moment."  Wow!  That is hard to do!


Many people try meditation and find it almost impossible to quiet their thoughts.  The mind wanders to either thoughts of regret about the past, or worries about tomorrow.  Neither path is one can we do anything about. The past is gone, and tomorrow hasn't happened yet, and the things we worry about probably won't happen anyway.


I have tried to train my brain and all my senses to stay in the moment.  I still have trouble with my mind sometimes wandering.  But, you would be amazed how tranquil staying in the moment can be.


You hear sounds that you really never paid much attention too. Even the sounds and vibrations of you heart beating. You hear sounds that your home makes. Refrigerators or heat exchanges going on and off. The wind blowing around outside. Birds chirping…


You listen to people more closely and look at them to see what they are really saying and feeling. Your mind stops wondering about what you are going to make for dinner.  Those around you seem to be more at peace. Calm seems to fill your space.


There is something to be said for staying present in the “Hear and Now."

— © Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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