God Given Daisies           — by Carole Devecka



God often uses the least likely people in the world to deliver His message or His blessings.


I know from past experience that God chooses the least likely to accomplish His work because He has used me to do and accomplish the seemingly impossible.


Why did He use me?


I wasn't educated, talented, rich or wise.  I was however grateful, and I was a willing vessel.


I remember being in a church service one time and the chorus was singing a song with the words... "Use Me," and I pledged to God that whatever He asked of me I would do and be a willing vessel.   Let me tell you, that was not an easy thing to fulfill!


(For those of you who do not know my story, go to the archives in 2002 and see how it all began: http://www.sfpnn.com/carole_devecka.htm )


So many times people judge other people and circumstances and believe that it just couldn't be.  I remember the old TV show Gomer Pyle and how this seemingly simple person had a message for all.


I also remember the song "The Impossible Dream…"  The message was not only about reaching for that impossible dream, but also his message of "Judge Not!"


And I remember when a 17 year old Josh Groban filled in at a rehearsal for Andre Boccelli to sing, "The Prayer" with Celine Dion for the Grammy Awards.  That reminds of a story I wrote on 3/16/04 called Pavarotti At The Food Bank (http://sfpnn.com/Carole/Carole2004/cd033004.htm) where I met an Unexpected Source of help with a magnificent voice.


I am sure most of you remember the first day people heard Susan Boyle sing "I Dreamed A Dream.”  The judges were in shock... the looks on their faces were priceless.  Again the lesson learned, "Judge Not!" I first saw it on You-Tube as the most watched video at that time.


The above mentioned singers gave their all.  The words to their songs were meaningful. But, above all they taught us that we shouldn't judge, and that we all can be pleasantly surprised by Unexpected Sources.


I go to You-Tube many times to find songs that are meaningful to me.  Songs that inspire me, and lift my spirits. Songs and pleasant sounds that align and reconnect me with my body's vibrations, music that eases pain, stress, and brings me to a state of relaxation and inner peace.  I like many of the songs and free techniques I have found on Sounds True - many voices, one journey.  (http://www.youtube.com/user/SoundsTrueVideos)


Yes, we can find these pleasurable times, if we are open to the blessings of Unexpected Sources.

— © Carole Devecka, God Given Daisies

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