Kindness Suggestion: Clean Up After Yourself

I'm not your mother nor your maid and I'm not gonna nag at you or call the police if you leave a mess behind. But I will lose some respect for your choice. Cleaning up after ourselves seems like such a simple thing that most of us take it for granted. But more and more I'm discovering messes every where… in the library, at the coffee shop or grocery store, the post office, in a mall food court, at beach or wayside picnic tables, in computer labs, even in the hallway of my apartment building. Yes, many places do hire people to keep these areas in good condition, but they are hired for upkeep and maintenance, not to clean up your mess. Something as simple as throwing away a gum wrapper instead of tossing it on the floor can make a big difference.

When I asked folks for Kindness Suggestions and Mark sent me this one, I was actually stunned by the idea. My first thought was "Doesn't everyone clean up after themselves?" But then I started thinking about it and realized how many times and in how many different situations folks just did not clean up their own messes. Now I know it's a busy world, and we all have reasons to rush here and there, but cleaning up after ourselves is a good way to reduce clutter and attain a sense of peace and closure. Plus it leaves the area nice and clean, offering a fresh start for the next person… who just might happen to be you! If cleanliness, respect, and kindness to others isn't enough motivation to clean up after yourself, Brian Tracy says that cleaning off one's desk (and other areas) every day to leave them clear for a new beginning later is one of the best time management techniques there is!

Please be courteous, respectful and kind. Simply clean up after yourself.

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