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Submission Guidelines for
Sir Froggie's Positive News Network

If you know the rules already,
click here to jump to Categories

We welcome authors of all ages and experience levels!
Whether you're six or ninety-six, have a best selling book or have just written your first poem, send it in!

If you have a story or poem to share, please submit it to one of the categories below.  Click on the teal underlined category name, it should open up a pre-addressed e-mail for you.  If it doesn’t please just put:  SUBMISSION FOR… and the appropriate category in the subject line. Send it to .  (You may receive a notice asking you to reply to our spam filter - just hit reply and your e-mail will go through.)

Make sure you include the title and your author name as you’d like it to appear.  You may also include your e-mail contact info, a short author bio (one – two paragraphs max) , a favorite quote and/or a link to another personal website or professional website where your work or another worthy cause is featured. 

You are welcomed to include photos specifically related to your story.  We prefer to receive them in .jpg format but we can convert most others except .cdr files.  We cannot send the photos in our e-mail distribution, however, they will be featured with your story on our website.

Please try to adhere to the word counts but note that the word count listed after each category is approximate.  It’s ok if it goes over or under a little bit.  These are guidelines based on what holds our readers’ attention and the amount of space we have in our issues.  If it’s a great story but goes way over the suggested word count for a specific category, try to break it down into sequences… Part 1 of 2, Part 2 of 2, etc.  Make sure you include how many sequences there are so we can make sure we’ve got the ENTIRE story.  J

Any editing you can do on your own as far as spell checks, punctuation, grammar, etc., will be greatly appreciated.  However you don’t have to be a professional writer.  If you’ve got a story to tell and have never written before that’s OK.  Just talk into the page and we’ll do the rest.   Just make sure it’s positive!

Although we love to share all upbeat material and stories, we cannot feature work with an unauthorized copyright so please don't send anything you know is from Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guidepost, etc., unless you have permission to redistribute it.

Many of SFPNN's stories are based on spiritual material, however, we do not tell our readers what religion to practice.  With a global distribution, we have readers of all faiths so your submissions should have a universal theme. 

No commercial, sales, marketing or business promotions please!  ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING! We will report those who abuse these links!

All of our authors work on a volunteer basis. 

Thanks for contributing to Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network!

Peace, Love, Happiness and Health

Editor * Contributing Author
Sir Froggie's Positive News Network



Submission Guidelines for
Sir Froggie's Positive News Network

Please submit to the appropriate categories. 

Soul Magic – Seemingly “magical,” insightful, beautiful, or thought-provoking moments that really touch you or make you believe in something higher than yourself.    A great place to share real life miracles and things that make you go “Hmmmmm….”    (approx 500-1000 words max - unless it's a multi-parter)  Appears on Tuesday.

Fuzzy Tales – Real life animal stories… Pets, wildlife or other animals stories worth sharing.  You can also do pet dedications here and are invited to share photos. (approx 500 – 1000 words max)  Appears on Tuesday.

Good News – Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, promotions, special events, something good happening in your family, community or on TV or the internet; any bit of positive information you feel is worth sharing.  This can even include books, movies, music, websites, etc.  (up to a few paragraphs.)  Appears on Wednesday.

– Jokes or short humorous stories.  (A few sentences to 500 words max.) Appears on Friday.

Kindness Suggestion – Check out our page of Kindness Suggestions first.  If you have an idea that isn’t already there, or puts a new spin on something that is there already, send in your suggestions for an Act of Kindness.  You can also share stories of how someone else was kind to you and the impact it had. Title your articles as the Kindness Suggestion itself such as "Do a Good Deed" or "Share a Meal."  (approx 500 – 1000 words max)  Appears on Friday.

SFPNN Special Edition – Real Life and Fictional stories are welcomed, original material preferred but if it’s something you got on the ‘net and want to pass along, that’s fine, too.    Try to provide the author’s name if possible.  Please do not send stories from the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series or copyrighted material which requires a fee or permission to redistribute (unless you have permission already).  We’re about as non-profit as you can get and all our authors are volunteers!  J  The Special Edition is sent out in a separate issue of SFPNN every Friday so if you’ve written a longer story this is the place to submit. (500 to 2,000 words give or take.)  Should leave the reader feeling uplifted, possibly with a profound insight, or "all warm and fuzzy" inside. Appears on Friday.