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A- Muse-Ing Inspirations


When contemplating your life's goals have you ever heard yourself thinking, "This would be so much easier if I just had someone to guide me along or encourage me to keep at it"?

Well, here's your chance to work with your own "Professional Muse" towards the pursuit of your dreams!  What is a Muse? A simplified definition: One who inspires. I will coach you with your goals and help teach you how to tap into your creativity and inspiration in a 15 week session.  Services are available - and encouraged - beyond that if desired!


What are the benefits of utilizing a "Professional Muse"?

  • You'll set yourself in the direction of your dreams and take steps to advance your journey.

  • You will receive continuous encouragement.

  • You'll have someone to check-in with each week, helping you solidify and commit to your dreams.

  • You'll receive honest feedback, questions and suggestions.

  • You'll learn how to tap into your authentic creativity and inspiration.

  • You'll learn about the pitfalls of following your dreams and creativity and how to overcome them.

  • You'll receive guidance and learn how to give your Self guidance.

  • You'll learn methods that will help you live a passionate life and prevent burn-out.

  • You'll learn to recognize your fears and overcome them.

  • You'll discover you CAN do it!


Can you successfully pursue your dreams without the help of Professional Muse or a career coach?

Most definitely! However, I do have one small question for you… if you haven't already, why not?

Most of the delays and setbacks in the pursuit of our dreams come from our own internalized fears. With the combination of The Artist's Way course and coaching, many of these fears and doubts will be worked through so that you'll overcome the areas you are stuck or "blocked" in. PLEASE NOTE: Although the course is called "The ARTIST's Way" it is helpful for ANYONE with a dream or who wants to uncover / recover / discover their dreams, goals and purpose in life.


What will I expect from you in exchange for my assistance?

  • Weekly check-ins via e-mail, phone calls, or another agreed upon arrangement.

  • Willingness to be open to new ideas.

  • Committing your Self to do the work in The Artist's Way and the pursuit of your dreams.  (1- 2 hours per day of "assignments"; journalling, exercises, a weekly "date" with yourself, etc.)

  • Setting at least one "dream-oriented" small task or goal each week and giving it your best shot to fulfill it. If you can't get that one done for some external reason, set another one and do it!

  • A heart-felt promise to your SELF that you will keep at this, despite the doubts or fears that may crop up. If you feel like giving up, you will contact me ASAP for encouragement and then continue on.

  • Open communication with me about your expectations for this adventure…IE:  what you expect from your goals,  what you expect from your Self, and what you expect from me.

  • Continued open communication through out your 15 week session.

If you're serious about pursuing your dreams, and believe you can work well in these circumstances, send me an e-mail. Include why you want to pursue (or uncover) your dreams at this point in your life. Tell me what you would like to get out of this experience - what are your expectations? If you know your dream already, share it with me! Where are you now in relation to following your dreams? (Are they just an inkling in your thoughts? Have you written them down, taken classes, wrapped your career around them? Etc.)  You must be willing to begin the pursuit of your dreams within a month after your application. E-mail: .   If you have any questions, you may also e-mail me at the same address.   Testimonies and references are available upon request.





There are 2 purchase plans available.

Weekly Payments

Choose to "Pay As You Go" with a commitment to the entire 15-week program

$50 per week
$750 Total

(Monthly payments also available.)

1 Time Payment

Pay one sum in advance
and save $10 per week,
$150.00 Total!


Please note:
if you are serious about this program, but neither of the payment options fits your budget, please e-mail me to make special arrangements.


In addition, you will need to purchase the following tools.

Book(s) are available on-line through SFPNN's website or any other outlet you see fit.

  • "The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity" by Julia Cameron. 
    Click the following link to purchase or read reviews on this book.


  • One notebook, Morning Pages Journal, or other source for 3 pages of daily free-form writing and "homework" from The Artist's Way

  • One Day-planner and/or Notebook to rough out weekly goals & tasks and organize them into your schedule.

  • One notebook to use as your "Scratch book" to doodle, day dream and jot things down and to use in conjunction with your Day-planner or scheduling notebook.


To qualify, you must agree to receive SFPNN.  SFPNN is a free daily good news e-mail letter.  If you haven't subscribed already, sign up today by e-mailing

Also, if you know of someone you honestly believe could greatly benefit from this experience, have them e-mail me, listing you as a reference. I will also consider their applications.

Convince me to work with you! Better yet, convince your Self that you will work on your dreams! That's what this about. Hope to hear from you, soon!


Yours In Creativity & Inspiration

Jeanette M. Pintar





A--Muse-Ing Inspirations

* How It Began *

Let me explain a little about the title… A-Muse-Ing Inspirations. A muse is someone who invokes inspiration and channels the sources of God (or the Gods). That's what I'd like to accomplish with each of you… help you be your own Professional Muse so that you can and will inspire your life with your authentic dreams and passions. And then pursue and accomplish them through continuous goal setting.

I've learned a lot in my life - particularly in the last 12 years. I've been through many aspects of living as have most of you. I've read all the how-to books, took courses, and pursued goals. But I have to tell you, when inspiration was lacking, it was awful hard to do. I felt so lost and unsure of where to go or what to do next. I heard my peers talking about this dream they had, or the plans they'd made for the rest of their lives. I didn't know what I wanted from my life then… just to make it on my own. But everyone kept pushing, "You gotta have a dream."

I didn't get it. How could I have a dream if I didn't know what it was? I had lots of stuff I wanted to do, but did they constitute the grandiose scale that dreams do? What's all this fuss about getting a 4 year degree (or more) from college and doing the SAME THING for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? I hadn't tried enough of anything to know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, yet. But I went in the direction I had an inkling about… Travel! And I put myself through a tech school, graduated and landed a job doing reservations for a major travel whole-saler. I loved my job and I loved the people I dealt with - both over the phone making reservations and within my office. I was given a "lateral promotion" into marketing and did a lot of ad copy to promote new travel packages to travel agents.

I loved the work but I didn't enjoy the atmosphere I worked in. There were many good people within that department but most seemed to hate their jobs. There was a lot of gossip, back-stabbing, and blame for everything. It was so negative. A far cry from what I had been used to in reservations. I stuck it out for a while and did my best… actually made several improvements and taught a few of my superiors things about the travel industry they didn't know. But it started to really get to me. I got to the point where I didn't want to get out of bed. It was so bad every morning was greeted with tears. I no longer could eat without getting an upset stomach. I didn't enjoy music or dancing or writing or drawing any more. I had a major case of BURN-OUT by the time I was 22 years old!

The final draw was at a review when I was marked down for not wearing dresses and pantyhose. I talked to the director of human resources. He gave me some invaluable advice… "Learn everything you can about a company and then move on. It usually takes about 2 years. The market is changing. That's how you position yourself as an expert. Learn what you can, when you can't grow any more, move on."

So I did. In fact, I moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta where my high school sweetheart and I got married. He was following his dream of trying to break into the film and video industry. And I wasn't quite sure what I wanted yet. There was something missing. It was more than just joy and a healthy recovery from burn out, (IE: depression.) I did a lot of reading, a lot of exploring. I took in things that made sense but didn't seem to have a tremendous effect.

And then I came across The Artist's Way. My first impression was, "HUH? How is this supposed to help?" But I kept at it and little by little the joy came back and the depression lifted. Not only that, but I gained valuable insight. I also learned that dreams don't have to match the corporate world - although they can. There are many more possibilities for success than what are outlined in your "typical job." Most importantly, I learned to trust my Self and value the creativity I had been given. When I learned how to do that… Lo and behold!  Something started happening. I started getting insights and inspiration!  For the first time in my life I felt really good about the endeavors I would embark on. I knew they were "meant" to be.

The Artist's Way taught me the skills needed to recognize and trust my intuition… a necessary tool for invoking inspiration. Along my journey of authenticity I've owned and operated a desktop publishing / personal marketing business, done freelance photography including volunteer work for the Special Olympics and Coca-Cola's presence during the 1996 Olympics, and created customized personal flower arrangements for local residents.   My latest endeavors have included writing children's stories, a cookbook, and creating SFPNN - a daily good news e-mail letter.  SFPNN, Sir Froggie's Positive News Network, not only helped inspire my own weekly column, Sir Froggie's Pondering, but also allowed other individuals to give birth to their own creative and inspired writings.  Although things may not seem to connect in the linear fashion we are used to, each step continually builds on another.

I've done the lessons in The Artist's Way several times, now. I've also facilitated Artist's Way meetings and had great fun introducing these principles to others. Each time I get something new out of it. But the Artist's Way alone didn't help me set or reach goals other than what were listed in the book. It was great start, but I needed something more. I found myself meeting people that were interested in doing "weekly check-ins" to encourage each other towards meeting their goals.  By "checking in"  and providing moral support, I was able follow along with their dreams (and my own) and watch with great joy as perseverance  transformed dreams into reality.   Then I discovered there was an entire profession dedicated to this very thing called personal coaching.

It was intriguing to me but I didn't realize the impact the combination of authenticity, inspiration, and proper encouragement had until I saw Julian Lennon in concert in the fall of 1999.  As this talented performer told of his own doubts and struggles, challenges and successes, it became very clear that EVERYONE needs inspiration and encouragement bundled with authenticity to follow their true dreams. What if someone could teach all of those things  together? Ironically, I had just seen a sneak preview of "The Muse" and realized that someone could!  In fact, with my history of helping others do just that, it dawned on me that the someone who could teach it was me!

And that's how A-Muse-Ing Inspirations got started. You are my "muses in training." I will do my best to help each one of you learn to follow your authentic calling, invoke inspiration and creativity into your lives, and coach you along with your goals. Be open and to the point with me. This is a personal process and each one of us has differences and similarities in our experiences and learning techniques. Let me know what works best for you and I'll try to accommodate. In the meantime, be open to The Artist's Way. It is a life changing process that can invoke great progress towards discovering your dreams.

Here's to the beginning of an inspiration-filled journey!


Jeanette M. Pintar



* * *

A-Muse-Ing Inspirations: 

If you're interested in making your dreams come true but want to do it on your own,
A-Muse-Ing Inspirations offers the following complimentary 17 week guided plan.

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