SFPNN Special Edition: Friday, May 25th, 2012

All Things Possible
By Joan Wester Anderson

Ephraim T. Echano wants to share the story of a Filipina lady who walks by faith, and loves God with all her strength.  “I tell this story not to boast,” says Ephraim, “but to strengthen everyone’s faith in God and to know that He is with us in our everyday life ready to help us if we sincerely pray.”

At one time Ephraim’s wife, a physical therapist, had an elderly lady as a client in Naga City, Philippines. To ease the burden of boring therapy sessions, the women talked of their families and their faith. Lucy, the client, shared a particularly amazing incident that started with her brother’s death. 

Lucy’s brother and his wife had died in a car accident.  While she was on her way to their place to attend the funeral, the bus she was riding in suddenly had engine trouble. The bus driver told them to transfer to another bus.

“I was so preoccupied with thoughts of who would take care of my late brother’s eight small children, I didn’t notice that I was the only one left in the bus,” Lucy recalls. “I even failed to notice a kindly lady dressed in white wearing rope-tied sandals who entered the empty bus and came over to me.”

The lady patted Lucy’s shoulder, comforted her and said: “Don’t worry about your serious problem. It’s better that we pray in church in order to obtain for you the graces you need to take care of the problems ahead.” 

Lucy was bewildered.  Who was this woman, where did she come from, and how did she know that Lucy was mourning so deeply?  Yet when she and the lady left the bus, there was a church just around the corner. Inside the church Lucy cried and cried while embracing the statue of Jesus, locally called Hinulid.  Seeing her grief, the lady in white added more comforting words: Don’t worry, I will help you. Just pray. 

Despite her sorrow, Lucy felt as if a thorn had been removed from her heart. But when she got up to thank the lady, she was no longer around. Lucy was the only visitor in the church.

After the funeral and burial of her brother and his wife, she then looked for a residence to rent. They found a little house and inside, to her surprise, was a calendar, with a picture of the Virgin Mary on it.  Lucy gasped.  It was the same lady in white who had patted her shoulder and accompanied her to church. Lucy knew now what she had to do.

“My boyfriend broke up with me because he couldn’t bear the thought of feeding eight children not our own,” Lucy says.  And because of her deceased brother’s meager pension, Lucy could not depend on anything else other than the assurance given her by the lady in white that she should not worry. 

“And did you obey the lady?” Ephraim’s sister was hanging on every word. “Did things work out?”

“Yes,” Lucy smiled.  “At this time, all my eight nieces and nephews have finished their studies. We have an accountant, a dentist and two who work overseas…”

“But how were you able to provide them with good educations?”

“God works in mysterious ways,” said Lucy. “He provided the eight children with special talents, so that each of them was able to obtain a scholarship. But still, there was the need to provide for food, clothing and health care. I don’t know the answer myself, but if you have strong faith in God, nothing is impossible.”

“Now, Lucy is old,” says Ephraim.  “Although she never married and had no child of her own, I believe she is the happiest person that I have ever met.

“God makes all things happen,” he says.  “Praise the Lord!”

~ Copyright 2011 by Joan Wester Anderson. Published by Joan Wester Anderson, P.O. Box 127, Prospect Heights, IL 60070. For more stories of God’s love, check the blog at http://www.joanwanderson.com.

Thanks to Ephraim and Joan Wester Anderson  for sharing today’s SFPNN Special Edition…


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