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We Can Heal Every Area Of Our Lives With Spiritual Assistance!

As an Angel Therapy Practitioner, I work with people to help connect them with their Divine Guidance. I call on God and the Angels for help. I also work with energy fields (auras) and chakras to tune into the answers. You can too!


Although, I am an ordained minister, certified Angel Therapist®, Reiki Master and Theta Healing Practitioner and have studied healing and metaphysics for the past 20 years, hold a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences and am currently working on a D.Div. in Spiritual Counseling, you don’t have to be an expert to get your own angelic guidance. We are all “psychic!” (If you don’t like the word psychic, please insert intuitive!)




How Does It Work?

We receive guidance through our heightened senses… The same senses we use for everyday living, seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling tune in to a higher energetic and spiritual level. When we use them in this way, they are referred to as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience.




Clairvoyance Means “Clear Seeing.”

Although some very gifted psychics and mediums see complete and whole visions of angels, loved ones who’ve transitioned, and other spiritual beings, most people see fleeting images. They can be in the forms of symbols, signs, letters, colors, sparkles of light, dreams, and other visions.


They are usually seen with the “third eye”, the area just above and between the eye brows, or within your “mind’s eye.”




Clairaudience Means “Clear Hearing.”

Clairaudience can come as an “internal” or “external” voice or sound. It can be in the form of words, music, tones, or other audio cues.


We ALL Hear The Voice Of Divine Guidance On A Daily Basis When We Tune In!

However, many people block out divine guidance by keeping themselves too busy to hear it. Or they hear it but refuse to acknowledge or follow it. Remember the time you heard your mind say, “Take a sweatshirt, it’s going to be cool” but because it was 80º at the time, you disregarded it only to wish later you had listened because the temperature dropped unexpectedly? That was divine guidance in the form of clairaudience!




Claircognizance Is “Clear Knowing” Or “Clear Thinking.”

Claircognizance comes in the form of thoughts and instant knowledge. It often co-exists with clairaudience.

Have you ever just KNOWN something without really knowing how or why? That’s claircognizance!

Many writers, scientists, and researchers have very strong claircognizant abilities.



Clairsentience Means “Clear Feeling.”

Clairsentience comes in the form of gut feelings, goose bumps (or truth-bumps), emotions, physical sensations through-out the body, energy changes, temperature changes and information from the chakras.


When you walk into a room and immediately feel a change in your energy, such as being uplifted or drained, this is clairsentience. If you’ve ever had a “strange feeling that something was just off,” this is your angels’ way of letting you know there is!


Some people are so sensitive and have such heightened clairsentience they are known as “Intuitive Empaths” because they can tune in and feel other people’s emotions, energies, and illnesses. If you think you might be an intuitive empath, check out Dr. Judith Orloff’s book, Positive Energy. It will answer a whole lot of questions and reassure you that you are NOT crazy! You’re just an Intuitive Empath! And you most likely use (or will use) this gift to help yourself and others!



Many people use one of their psychic senses, such as clairvoyance, more than the others. Some people use a combination of them. I use Claircognizance and Clairsentience the most. I feel things, and know things. But the angels also frequently communicate with me through Clairaudience and Clairvoyance. It is through all of these senses that I help you!


Throughout my life, I’ve been told “you’re a wise old soul” and “you’re a healer.”


I’ve always had a knack for helping people. I often had “chance” encounters which led me to help those in need with just the right information they were seeking at the time… God and the angels have spoken to me since childhood, but it wasn’t until I had been on my spiritual path for quite some time that I learned to understand and recognize the knowledge and feelings I receive are divinely inspired!


Since that realization, I’ve asked God to use me where I’m needed. One way God and the angels work through me is with my writing and doing SFPNN. Through writing, they guide me and you with the messages they know we need to hear. And I can honestly say that ALL of SFPNN’s authors are DIVINELY GUIDED!


Another way God works through me is as an Angel Therapy Practitioner.®


Through a series of coincidences or “God Incidents” I was guided to an intense certification process given by angel expert and renown author Dr. Doreen Virtue. The classes reconfirmed what I already knew, provided additional insights, and gave me the opportunity to be on both the giving and receiving end of Angel Readings so that I could have more understanding of what my clients would experience. Doreen sets a very high ethical standard for those who receive certification from her and I am grateful and honored to call myself an Angel Therapist®, certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue!




How Does it Work?


What’s Involved in a Typical Angel Therapy® Session?


Frequently Asked Questions


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What Happens During A Typical Angel Therapy® Session?

When I do an Angel Therapy® session with someone, we work together with God and the angels to bring about clarity and healing in the areas affecting that person’s life. We may also invite his or her Spirit Guides or power animals to join us if requested. (Power animals are animal spirit guides, often consulted in shamanic healing.)


A typical Angel Therapy® session begins by having you write down 3 questions which are weighing the most upon your heart and affecting your life. You can ask anything, but the angels will always guide us to work with what’s in your heart so it’s best to just start there! If you’re not sure where to start, we simply ask, “God, Angels, please tell us what we need to know.” And they do!


After asking God and Archangel Michael to clear and protect the space from all lower energies including doubts, fears and ego thinking, I draw angel oracle cards to answer your questions. Because the angels sense what’s in your heart and energy field, and like energy is attracted to like energy, I am guided to the right card for what you are focusing on in your heart. I know which card to choose because it gives off “heat” or a “tingling sensation.” Sometimes they even seem to glow! Or I will hear the angels specifically tell me, “pick that one!”


After pulling the individual cards, we discuss what they mean to you as well as any additional insight and guidance I’m given directly from the angels. If there’s something you don’t understand, we ask for clarity until we get it!


Angels often work through the chakras, using either expansive or tightening sensations to guide decision-making or point out areas needing attention. They may also provide words, images, and knowledge about your particular situation. Or they may have me do energy work and healing (either remotely or in person) to help you clear out blocks or dis-eases in your body, thoughts and life. They may also have me cut energetic or etheric cords which are draining your energy so you can function better!


Angels give practical advice on how to work through things! They meet you where you are in this current stage of your life. They help heal what needs healing, reinforce what’s working, and help you expand your natural gifts and talents!


The angels work with us to help you live the life of your dreams and live fully as the powerful creative spiritual being you are!


Angels often recommend taking do-able steps to help you heal yourself or work toward your goals and dreams. They may suggest things like dietary changes, taking classes, or reading particular books. Or they may ask you to work on forgiveness of yourself and/or others if un-forgiveness is blocking you. Sometimes they even recommend having more fun! Whatever advice they give, it is always something you can do! If you decide it’s not for you, they’ll recommend something else you CAN do!




How Does it Work?


What’s Involved in a Typical Angel Therapy® Session?


Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions About An Angel Therapy® Session With Jeanette:


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What are the benefits of seeing an Angel Therapist® ?


How long does an Angel Therapy® session last?


Can I do a shorter session?


What happens during a typical Angel Therapy® session?


What does an Angel Therapy® session include?


How much does it cost?


How do I schedule an appointment?


What are your hours?


What if I need to cancel my appointment?


Will my information be kept confidential? What is your privacy policy?


How do you know it’s not just your imagination?


What are your qualifications for being an Angel Therapist® ?


Why not work with God directly?


Are you psychic? Do you tell the future?


Is seeing a psychic, medium, Angel Therapist®, or ATP® going against God’s wishes?


How often should I get an angel reading?




What Are The Benefits 0f Doing An Angel Therapy Session?

Some of the benefits of Angel Therapy Session are as follows. There are many more possibilities and it always depends on what YOU need in your life at the time of the session and how open and willing you are to follow the guidance your receive.


  • Discover areas you are blocked in…
  • Receive insight and Divine Guidance
  • Release doubts and fears
  • Learn to trust YOUR intuition and Divine Guidance
  • Heal present and past situations
  • Learn who your angels are and who you can ask for help in specific situations!
  • Learn ways to clear your energy and blocks
  • Validate your experiences and hunches




How Long Does A Session Last?

One Hour.



Can I Book A Shorter Session?

Originally, I considered doing 1/2 hour sessions but found that most people could easily take up an hour or more. One hour gives us both enough time to cover the bases without it getting too long. Dedicating sixty minutes of time also reduces the stress of feeling like you’ve got to rush through it all.


Sometimes I will do local events such as “Angel Parties” for a discounted rate or free readings on special occasions that are limited to 15 minutes. These readings will still provide valuable information but for obvious reasons will not get as in depth as a full-length Angel Therapy® Session. Of course, in these scenarios, you are always welcome to book a full session with me at a later date!


If you’d like to host an Angel Party or hire me for other types of get togethers, please e-mail with “Angel Therapy” in the subject line. You may call me directly at 818-518-6761. I am also available to teach angel workshops!


What Happens During A Typical Session?

We clear the space of lower energy, do an oracle card reading, discuss the results, get additional information from God and the angels, and may do energy work, prayer, etheric cord cutting or other treatments as guided. I will then e-mail you a recap within 24 hours, and you’ll receive a free gift of corresponding angel cards or a Hay House book that correlates with your session.




What Does An Angel Therapy Session® Include?

An hour of consultation, space clearing, an angel oracle card reading and interpretation of individual cards, receiving angelic guidance on your questions until you are clear, energy work, cord cutting and healing as guided, recommending additional resources if needed, an e-mail recap of the session, and a free gift of corresponding angel oracle cards or a Hay House book that relates to your session.



How Much Does It Cost?

I charge $150.00 for a one hour session with you. This includes an hour of my time directly communicating with you and your angels as well as an hour’s worth or more of time after the session to put together your e-mail recap, plus purchasing and sending your free gift to you. I also take time before and after the session to clear my energy so it doesn’t interfere with the Divine guidance I channel to you. All in all, I commit over 3 hours worth of service to you for the cost of your one hour session.



Please note that payment is due in advance of your appointment. I gladly accept credit cards through Pay Pal. Cash, personal checks, and money orders are also accepted with gratitude.




How Do I Schedule An Angel Therapy® Session With You?

Please contact me via e-mail at with “Angel Therapy” in the subject line.
You may also call me directly at 818-518-6761.


I do readings over the phone, in person and even via e-mail! I prefer in person or over the phone because I believe YOU get the most for your money because it is “live” and you can respond immediately to the angelic communication we are receiving. The angels and I still tune into your energy via e-mail, and you are always welcome to ask questions via e-mail if you don’t understand the information you receive or would like further clarification.


If you would like to book an Angel Therapy® Session in person but do not live in the Southern California area, please check Dr. Doreen Virtue’s website at: for other Angel Therapy Practitioners® in your area. Doreen has certified Angel Therapy Practitioners® and Angel Intuitives all over the world! Please note that each ATP® offers their own individual services and prices and they may vary greatly from the services listed here.



What Are Your Hours?

Currently I prefer to offer readings Tuesdays through Fridays between 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM Pacific Time. (4:30 PM – 7:30 PM Eastern.) If absolutely necessary, I will make other arrangements. Please call or e-mail ahead of time to book your appointment. I will personally confirm your time with you and send you a reminder via e-mail the day of your appointment.



What If I Need To Cancel My Appointment?

I will be more than happy to reschedule your appointment to another date and time at no additional fee. You may even transfer your session to someone else if needed. However, due to processing costs and to be fair to others who keep their scheduled appointments, all sessions are non-refundable.



Will My Information Be Kept Confidential? What Is Your Privacy Policy?

All data shared during a session will be kept confidential and private. We do not sell your name to other vendors.


We may, on occasion, send you notice of upcoming events we believe you may be interested in such as: a booth at an expo where you could get discounted mini sessions of Angel Therapy®, Reiki, and Theta Healing, local or on-line classes beneficial to your well-being and knowledge, or perhaps even books, CDs, or other products, events and services we believe could be helpful. These notices will take your time and cyber space into consideration and will not be sent frequently. For the record, we don’t do spam!



How Do You Know It’s Divine Guidance And Not Just Your Imagination?

Divine Guidance has a unique energy all its own. The advice is loving (but can be firm) and positive. It always comes in a way that promotes goodness for those involved. The guidance is often simple and repetitive until the advice is taken. Imagination and Ego have a different energy. The most distinguishable “false” evidence is from the ego, which is fear based. If one is ever uncertain about whether the information is true divine guidance or ego-based all you have to do is ask “Is this from God and the angels or is this from my ego?” and you will know instinctively or hear the answer as to which it is.


For more clarification about the differences between Divine Guidance and Ego, click here.



What Qualifications Do You Have?

In addition to being an ordained minister, Reiki Master, and Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences, I am certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapist®. Doreen is a pioneer in Angel Therapy® and sets a very high standard for those who participate in her program. Doreen is the ONLY person who can certify someone as an Angel Therapist® as she developed the global standards for this type of work and owns the trademarks for Angel Therapy®and Angel Therapist® (Please note: an Angel Therapist®, Angel Therapy Practitioner® or ATP® are the same thing.)


I have received divine guidance since childhood, and have spent over 20 years independently expanding my knowledge on healing, spirituality, creativity, motivation, and inspiration. I’ve helped people reach their goals as a professional muse, and in addition to publishing and editing Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network, I write Sir Froggie’s Pondering which has been featured in a variety of internet and newspaper publications. Sir Froggie’s Pondering was even the show-cased inspirational column on Themestream. I’m also currently working toward a D.Div. in Spiritual Counseling.


I always say God is the world’s greatest Talent Agent and I trust that He places me where I am needed most. Perhaps my best qualifications, however, come from the references of those clients I’ve been able to help.


Click here to read just one of many true life testimonies…



Why Ask The Angels And Not God Directly?

If you’d rather work with God directly, go right ahead! I often ask God many questions and will gladly do a session calling directly on God for answers if you prefer. In that case, He will still guide us through the use of oracle cards, thoughts, feelings, and other tools used when doing a typical Angel Therapy® session. (If you prefer to work directly with God, you may also wish to explore Theta Healing too.)


Angels are God’s creation, here to assist us. They work with God’s thoughts and God’s energy, wisdom and healing abilities. And they love to help us.


Since I personally started working with angels, I’ve been able to unblock things I was stuck in before and have manifested things in my life that would have taken much longer prior to my work with them. I kind of see the angels as my extended family. If God is my parent, the angels are like my siblings, aunts and uncles. Sometimes we go directly to our parents. Other times it’s nice to have extended family to work with.


Some people believe that because God is only love, truth, and perfect health that God doesn’t relate to our problems and illnesses which are just “illusions of the earth and a result of fearful thinking.” The angels were therefore created to help us deal with those things. No matter what you believe, please understand that God and the angels are here to help us, just as we are here to do their work on earth!



Are You Psychic? Do You Tell The Future?

Being psychic and telling the future are not necessarily the same thing. Being psychic means we use our heightened spiritual senses; clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. Telling the future means we know things before they happen. Using our psychic senses, sometimes we do know things before they happen. If the angels give me specific instruction to guide you on an event in the future, I will pass it along. However, I prefer to work more with my client’s current energy fields.


Your energy field (or aura) holds information of the past, present and future. The angels will instruct me as to what presently needs your attention and what’s in your current energy field. I do this with the intent of healing, clearing and unblocking. My goal is not to tell you what’s going to happen to your life in the future, but to help you with issues you’re dealing with now so you can release yourself from the past and have a clear energetic channel to the Divine. This is how you can best shape your current circumstances as well as create a positive future.



Is seeing a psychic or medium going against God’s wishes?

The Bible warns us to be leery of false prophets and I agree! However many people who are in the business of spiritual counseling as psychics, Angel Therapists®, Angel Therapy Practitioners®, energy healers or mediums are in the business to HELP God To Do His Work Of Healing, Clearing Blocks, And Providing Clarity.


Because people often block out Divine Guidance, an honest, compassionate, well-trained practitioner with empathy and integrity can be of great service! They can get the message of love and healing through to people during the times when God cannot because those people have (consciously or unconsciously) chosen to block out God’s voice–usually out of fear, anger, or simply lack of understanding.


With that said, you should ALWAYS trust YOUR instincts and intuition! If someone or something doesn’t feel quite right to you, don’t utilize that person’s services. Even if they are a good practitioner, you need to be comfortable with the person you work with in order to receive the greatest healing and clarity for your higher good.


As with all of our relationships, We Should Never Give Our Power Away To Others, Living Or Deceased! God is our Higher Power and even God has given us free will. It’s up to us to use it with discernment.



How Often Should I Get An Angel Reading?

I personally communicate with God and my angels on a daily basis. I do this through one on one dialogue, meditation, prayer, angel card readings, journaling, or any other way they decide to get my attention… including messages in songs, nature signs, and other people! I encourage you to try one-on-one communication with God and your angels as often as possible.


With that said, I only give professional Angel Therapy® readings to any individual once a month at most.


Why? Because I asked God the best way for me to reach people and help them heal themselves as well as to learn to trust their own intuition and Divine Guidance. I want to make it clear that it’s God and the angels we need to rely on for our Divine Guidance—not me, nor any other Angel Therapy Practitioner, or psychic or medium for that matter. I’m just the messenger and my greatest joy is in delivering the messages that will help others connect directly to God and their angels!


A typical session will provide you with more than enough information to keep you working on your divinely guided path for at least a month. The angels often guide me to “prescribe” specific steps, changes of habit, or reading materials to help you reach your objective. These “prescriptions” will give you more than enough to work on in a month’s time in order to get the healing or changes you desire. At that time, you can decide whether or not you would like another reading.


Although I will not give more than one reading per month to my clients, I am available to answer your questions about a reading at any time. I’d also love to have you check in and let me know how things are going. Many clients report having extraordinary experiences after a reading that include healing, unexpected but much desired changes, and signs from their angels, spirit guides and deceased loved ones. When we open ourselves up to the Divine, miracles really do happen!


You Can Book Your Angel Therapy® Session Now By
E-Mailing With “Angel Therapy” In The Subject Line!
(Please “reply” when you get the request from our spam filter.)

You May Also Call Me Directly At 818-518-6761.



How Does it Work?


What’s Involved in a Typical Angel Therapy® Session?


Frequently Asked Questions


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