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Rosvita's kind, generous and insightful spirit shows through in many of her works which have been featured in SFPNN as Soul Magic, Kindness Suggestions, and other stories. Rosvita's work appears primarily on SFPNN's website and occasionally in SFPNN. Her experiences and beautiful Spirit will touch your heart the way only a "Rose of Life" could. Rosvita is currently working on stories about her adventurous life while transitioning into the Golden Years.

I was born on October 28, 1942 in Vienna , Austria while the Second World War was raging in Europe . At age 18, after graduating from a special Commercial High School I spent a year in Montreal with an Austro-Hungarian Family, studying advanced English, and French and working as a secretary. Returning to Vienna, I worked a few years in the Atomic Energy Agency as a bilingual secretary before immigrating to the U.S. in 1970 to receive treatment for Alcoholism at Hazelden. In 1974 I married, became a counselor and raised three children, also taking care of two teenage children of my husband.

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12/23/2012   Mother Maria / Mary  By Rosvita
Hail Mary / Maria! May we keep the lights of Christmas lighting up our days today and every day of the New year.  Both my mother and father had sisters by the name of Maria, Mitzi in nick name form, my middle is Maria also, as was firmly[..]
11/06/2012   Soul Magic: Shake A Tail Feather  By Rosvita
SHAKING A TAIL FEATHER By Rosvita Wolk It was one of those things, when I finished writing yesterday… I checked the temperature outside; it was calm, a bit overcast, and I could not shake a tail feather right then. Did not want to do any[..]
10/29/2012   Pictures In The Soul  By Rosvita
Pictures in the Soul A hint of fall is in the air, while the sun still warms her body.  Her mind begins to quiet with every stroke of the paddle on the river.  She has looked forward to her personal time. It does take some effort to lea[..]
10/02/2012   Soul Magic: The Miracle Of Passion  By Rosvita
THE MIRACLE OF PASSION By Rosvita I was in a hurry to pick up my older (21) grandson to bring him home before it was time for my younger (3) grandson to leave the day care.  I felt somewhat anxious, when the announcer of the Minnesota P[..]
05/17/2012   Water, Bread And Magnolias  By Rosvita
WATER, BREAD AND MAGNOLIAS A Follow Up by Rosvita What do we need in life? Water, bread, magnolia blossoms, and possibly candy -- like the lady that survived seven weeks on her 'treats' from the car (while hubby is still missing). We ar[..]
04/12/2012   Spa – Spiritual Adventure  By Rosvita
Soul Magic   SPA: Spiritual Adventure by Rosvita In a recent ad I spotted the invitation to a Spa vacation in the amount of a mere 1,628 dollars.  Hmm, I thought, would I do it if I had the money??? Well, let me tell you how I SPA![..]
04/10/2012   The Missing Shoe  By Rosvita
Soul Magic THE MISSING SHOE by Rosvita Wolk-Feilinger Here I am, putting away toys, stacking books, lining up cars, which my little 2 year and 5 month old grandson calls “carsies” which in turn has prompted us to think he said "Car se[..]
04/10/2012   Morning – A Good Thing  By Rosvita
Good morning, all you SFPNN Readers! This is Rosvita, your spiritual greeter for this morning. Morning… Ha, ha, ha, it's 4 a.m. and the sandman has cleared his stuff out of my eyes and urged me to get up.  Now, this could be a yak thi[..]
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