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David McLaughlan shares his knack for finding the extra in the ordinary every Tuesday in his column, Wayfarer's Tales. Join this wayfarer to discover life's simple yet amazing treasures. (Several of David's stories have also been featured as Soul Magic and Fuzzy Tales ! )

"I've sailed the world in a supertanker, ran a sports association, been a lifeguard, a door steward, managed a charity, built an oil rig (not all by myself,) all to pay the bills. And then my wonderful wife asked, "What would you REALLY like to do?" So here I am, in the middle of my childhood dream... Writing!

But even then one must be practical. Some things sell and bills need paying. So, I compromise. But I find the things that warm my heart the most are the things I write from the heart. From my heart to yours. For free. And Sir Froggie's Positive News Network lets me do just that!

I hope you like what I write. But really, I'm just the messenger boy, passing on the wonder I see about me. It brightens my life daily and if I can share it with another soul, you for instance, then I'm a happy man."

-- David McLaughlan


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David McLaughlan

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David McLaughlan
12/11/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: The Pain Seat  By David McLaughlan
THE PAIN SEAT What’s the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you? Luckily, I am spoiled for choice, but a little something that happened last night is surely a contender for the top spot. The evening was so nippy I could see my breat[..]
David McLaughlan
12/04/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: Kudos For King Herod  By David McLaughlan
KUDOS FROM KING HEROD Last year I was asked to help out in a church pantomime/Nativity play. The wanted someone to play King Herod; someone who would scare the kids and steal their candy. I’m not a member of their church – but I guess[..]
David McLaughlan
11/27/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: Dependence  By David McLaughlan
DEPENDENCE A little part of me thought about going to another checkout. This one had the shortest queue, there was only one guy in it but he was in a wheelchair and there seemed to be some complications going on.  I stamped on that littl[..]
David McLaughlan
11/20/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: The Weirdo  By David McLaughlan
THE WEIRDO "Why does the weirdo always sit next to me on the bus?" I've heard it said -- and I've said it myself.  Well tonight the weirdo got on the bus drunk, shouted at me, then sat down behind Julie and I and carried on ranting. She [..]
David McLaughlan
11/13/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: My Favourite Kind Of Beauty  By David McLaughlan
MY FAVOURITE KIND OF BEAUTY What’s your favourite kind of beauty? Mine is the unconscious kind. No, I don’t mean a glamorous gal who has been knocked on the head! What do I mean? Well, it came to me as I was walking along the harbor[..]
David McLaughlan
11/06/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: Glories  By David McLaughlan
GLORIES If only we could see properly we would realise that we are surrounded with blessings even in the most mundane moment of our lives. In J.M. Barrie’s A Window In Thrums (set in 19th century Scotland) Jess is an invalid who spends [..]
David McLaughlan
10/30/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: In The Shadow  By David McLaughlan
IN THE SHADOW It was one of those all-to-rare summer mornings in Scotland when the sun was beating down and the dogs were walking with their tongues hanging out. Harry and I were strolling along a distance behind the dogs, when he stopped[..]
David McLaughlan
10/26/2012   Special Edition: Behind The Cobb-webbed Window By David Mclaughlan  By David McLaughlan
SFPNN Special Edition: Friday, October 26th, 2012 Behind The Cob-Webbed Window By David McLaughlan The squat old building with the blistering paint had once been part of a row of building. Now it stood by itself. It had outlasted the other[..]
David McLaughlan
10/23/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: Peak Times  By David McLaughlan
PEAK TIMES London breathes commuters! The vast expanse from which it sucks its workers in and blows them out again at the end of the day was a staggering concept for us country folk. Coming from Glasgow where “peak time” ends at six [..]
David McLaughlan
10/16/2012   Wayfarer’s Tales: The Difficult Ones  By David McLaughlan
THE DIFFICULT ONES If there’s one thing I’ve learned about difficult situations, it’s that they always have at least the potential for making things better! Vanna runs a café and occasionally has to deal with difficult customers. U[..]
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