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"When I was a child, my Mom had a song for everything. She just made them up. That’s probably one reason I didn’t think it was anything special when songs started coming through me. I guess I thought everybody had songs going on in their heads all the time."
The first time I actually heard a song in my head that I realized was something I hadn’t heard before and sounded pretty good was in 1986 while I was driving in my car. It was in the style of a Broadway tune. I remember thinking how goofy that was because you can’t write just one Broadway song; you have to have a whole show full. But I decided, 'this is what’s coming; I have to just let it be the way it wants to.'
Many years later, this little ditty came through which explains the process for me:

I don’t tell a song how it should be;
I let a song tell me.
I don’t tell a song how it should be;
I let a song tell me. 

A few of my songs started out as poems and became songs. Many of them are inspired by a spiritual course I study daily, called, "A Course in Miracles," which can be summed up with:

I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience,
and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me,
I ask for and receive as I have asked.

I also taught a workshop at a retreat wherein I asked the participants to call forth what their heart wanted to sing. To the joy of all of us, each one created a song. I feel there are songs in every one of us waiting to be born.
This song (what I consider my theme song) came through on my birthday a few years ago. It is my goal to write songs that evoke the Holy Instant, which stands for infinite possibility.

Let my songs gently take you
Where you’ve never been before.
(You don’t have to worry;
It’s exactly where you want to be.)
Let them open you to a whole new way of living and being,
And throw you into infinite possibility.

--- Joy Hart

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Joy Hart
12/12/2012   Moments Of Joy: Like A Star  By Joy Hart
LIKE A STAR This is another example of my dedication to actually creating a song or songs (I think different ideas relate to different people; we don't all get lit by the same fire) that actually evokes the Holy Instant -- that moment out [..]
Joy Hart
12/05/2012   Moments Of Joy: I Thank Myself  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy At last Sunday’s service, our minister suggested that we take time to thank ourselves. This is what came up for me. If you would like more information about the healing stream, please feel free to email me. I Thank Myself [..]
Joy Hart
11/28/2012   Moments Of Joy: Ablaze With Divinity  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy I read this phrase (title) in a book and this song was inspired. ABLAZE WITH DIVINITY Just take a look and let yourself seeEverything ablaze with divinity.When you send a blessing out from youTo do whatever it chooses to[..]
Joy Hart
11/21/2012   Moments Of Joy: A World That Works For Everyone  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy I was just waking up the other morning when I got this song, starting with “I open my eyes.”  Then, so I could sing it after meditating, I got the first verse, “I close my eyes.”  I have been reading “Birth 2012[..]
Joy Hart
11/14/2012   Moments Of Joy: Kentucky Countryside  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy I was so uplifted by the beauty I was seeing as I drove along that this song came flowing through. Kentucky Countryside Let me take a ride Through the Kentucky countryside,Appreciating everything I see.The leaves are turni[..]
Joy Hart
11/07/2012   Moments Of Joy: Wherever It’s Needed  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy This is the attitude I try to stay in as much as possible. WHEREVER IT'S NEEDED I send a blessing Wherever it’s needed In this amazing universe. It knows Exactly where to go To have the very best effect. I allow myself[..]
Joy Hart
10/31/2012   Moments Of Joy: The Only Thing  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy This is the way I want to go through life. This is a reminder of how I want to live. THE ONLY THING The only thing you ever need to doIs let whatever is be a blessing to you.Look for the gift each moment contains.When you [..]
Joy Hart
10/24/2012   Moments Of Joy: Surge Of Energy  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy Whenever I feel like I need more energy or healing of any kind, I tap into the healing stream that is always flowing. It’s tapping into our connection with Source. It’s like recharging the battery on your phone. For more[..]
Joy Hart
10/17/2012   Moments Of Joy: Let Yourself Play  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy Sometimes I get caught up in the busyness of the day and forget to take time out to play. This song came to remind me to take a break. LET YOURSELF PLAY Let yourself play in the field of happiness, That place of your child[..]
Joy Hart
10/10/2012   Moments Of Joy: State Of Possibility  By Joy Hart
Moments of Joy This song is a reminder to be here now.. STATE OF POSIBILITYI try to stay, as much as I can,In a state of possibility.And in that state, there is no time;Only eternity.And in that state, my body is absorbingAll the energy i[..]
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