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Jeannie Helene lifts us up with her beautiful and thought-provoking Poems for the Soul every thrusday on SFPNN.

With more than 400 poems, Jeannie has been writing poetry since the age of 11. Most of them were written during and after a major life transition beginning in 2006. Her poems are inspirational, heartfelt, spiritual and healing. Poetry continues to be a big part of Jeannie’s life today.

In addition to Poems for the Soul, Jeannie has also contributed to the SFPNN Soul Magic Series.

Jeannie is also a Level 1 Reiki practitioner as well as an intuitive tarot reader and a Mom.

"I know a place that exists

A place where you and I are one
A place where our spirit pulsates like the brightest star
A place where we just are
A blessed existence in the eyes of Divinity

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Jeannie Helene

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Jeannie Helene
07/04/2012   Death  By Jeannie Helene
Accepting loss Grieving A widow am I   Death has passed Can’t turn back I look to the sky   Beneath the black veil Through the clouds Of uncertainty I am pale   How did I pull through? I made it to this day Y[..]
Jeannie Helene
07/04/2012   The Wheel  By Jeannie Helene
Tranquil spirit in silence and home Reflecting on self I write this poem   Peaceful beginning – humbly alone Piercing through darkness my light is shown   Going with the flow – it’s taking its time Healing has brought[..]
Jeannie Helene
07/04/2012   Written In Stone  By Jeannie Helene
Stand behind – sit alone A stable mind – a humble home   Here is where I feel safe On what is new I’ll concentrate   The world in front is what I see I’m relaxing in the joy that’s me   Those memories are n[..]
Jeannie Helene
07/04/2012   A Loving Comfort  By Jeannie Helene
Look at her She cries, cries, cries As her old world Just dies, dies, dies   Having the strength to give things up Then having the courage to pick it back up   Molding into a new you Better get started There’s much mor[..]
Jeannie Helene
07/04/2012   This Dance  By Jeannie Helene
In touch I am in touch As the Lord above Gives me so much   I walk in this world with a newfound faith My life is coming and it isn’t too late   Calmly I spin and dance to the music My rhythm is here and I’m going to [..]
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