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Jeanette M. Pintar edits SFPNN and contributes the Good Morning Salutation every Monday through Friday. Jeanette also "ghost writes" the column, Sir Froggie's Pondering, which appears every Monday. Inspired by the life and soul graduation of her beloved Misty Kitty, she penned the humorous anecdotes and life lessons of Reflections of A Zen Master. With the help of our readers, she provides the weekly Kindness Suggestion on Fridays.

In addition to her work with SFPNN, Jeanette is an Ordained Minister, and a certified Reiki Master, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and Spiritual Teacher.

Jeanette helps people receive Divine Guidance, connect to their angels, and receive healing. She has been intuitive her entire life, and in addition to her certifications, has studied self help, spirituality and healing for over 20 years. Jeanette holds a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences and is working on a Doctrine of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling.

To learn more about how Jeanette's intuitive healing abilities and work with the angels can help you, please visit:

 Ask  Your Angels.

If you're interested in taking classes from Rev. Jeanette, or would like to book her for a workshop or speaking engagement, please visit:

 Local Classes

"How SFPNN Began"

March 20th, 1998. It was one of those gray, rainy, days. I turned on the radio. Again, negative news. I tried to lift my spirits by exercising. The TV was on in the work-out room. More negativity. I reached for a newspaper. Still more negative news. That was it! I was exasperated. I knew there had to be something better…

That's when my husband casually speculated, "One day we'll have to start PNN… you know, like CNN but only with positive news." Mark kissed me good-bye, left for work, and left me thinking… If we waited until we could afford to start our own cable station, we'd never do it. But I had immediate access to another powerful source of media - my computer and the internet.

I sent an e-mail letter to about 30 of my friends and e-mail acquaintances with a simple mission: I will find one good thing a day and share it with others to spread some positive energy.

I didn't know if I could do it at first… that is, find one positive thing a day. Nor did I know how my friends would react to some goofy good news item in their e-mailbox each and every morning. But their responses brought reality to Light…

People WANT and NEED to hear the POSITIVE things in life. News isn't just about the stuff that goes wrong or the people who can't seem to get their lives together. News is about every day life being noticed… and that includes the good stuff!

I'm still amazed at how much our Positive News Network has grown. I didn't plan on making it any bigger, but the word got out. Our subscriber list is in the triple digits now! Our tremendous growth and success can be credited to our readers. You told me you wanted more PNN. You told your friends, family, and coworkers - and they wanted PNN. You've contributed your favorite stories, quotes, poems, and experiences. Some of our readers have even become featured columnists! We've not only created a wonderful Positive News Network but a network of Positive People creating miracles in their own and each other's lives!

Thank you for all of your encouragement, inspiration and contributions. You've taught me that we all make a difference. It's up to each of us to make that difference a positive one.

Peace, Love, Happiness & Health,


"Let your spirit Soar!" 


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Jeanette M. Pintar
12/07/2012   Kindness Suggestion: Don’t Minimize Others’ Pain Or Struggles  By Jeanette M. Pintar
DON’T MINIMIZE OTHERS’ PAIN OR STRUGGLES While the world can be a wonderful, glorious place of love, light and healing, there are still a whole lot of people who are in pain of some type and really struggling to get through the day. We[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
12/04/2012   Fuzzy Tales: A Little Love Can Go A Long Way  By Jeanette M. Pintar
A LITTLE LOVE CAN GO A LONG WAY The other day I was having a really difficult time. I felt beaten down, broken hearted and depressed. Life itself was overwhelming. I found myself smack dab in the middle of a very intense grieving process f[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
10/19/2012   Kindness Suggestion: Look For The Good And Point It Out  By Jeanette M. Pintar
LOOK FOR THE GOOD AND POINT IT OUT Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get someone to point out what’s wrong with us? Or how easy it is to notice those things about other people which irk us the most? I remember one instance when I h[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
09/28/2012   Kindness Suggestion: Be There With A Prayer And Some Love  By Jeanette M. Pintar
Kindness Suggestion: BE THERE WITH A PRAYER AND SOME LOVE Every one of us has our good days and bad, which sometimes turn into good or bad weeks, months or even years! Let’s face it… Life can be really tough sometimes! And while we al[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
08/23/2012   Listen To Love  By Jeanette M. Pintar
Today’s Kindness Suggestion is dedicated to Linda Stark and Maria Pintar LISTEN TO LOVE Last year I had the most difficult time I’ve ever had picking out a card for Mom for Mother’s Day. It had to be just right. It had to say everyt[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
08/23/2012   Make ‘em Laugh  By Jeanette M. Pintar
MAKE ‘EM LAUGH There’s not one of us alive who doesn’t need a good laugh now and then. As they say, laughter is the best medicine! So go ahead, make them laugh! Need some help? Share a few puns or good jokes. Or share this video of D[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
05/25/2012   Most Of Life, Two Requests, Two For One, Success  By Jeanette M. Pintar
Along with reminding you that this is our last issue of SFPNN until September 10th, 2012, I’d also like to remind you to make the most of your life.  There’s no better time than the summer to do so!  No matter what age we are summer u[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
05/24/2012   Honor & Cherish, Isn’t Easy, New Graves  By Jeanette M. Pintar
This time of year is full of so many transitions and changes…Graduations from grade school, middle school, and college. And even soul graduations.  Summer vacations and traveling, new jobs, changes in nature, moves to new cities, and eve[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
05/23/2012   Sometimes, State Of Grace, Good News, Freedom Trail 6  By Jeanette M. Pintar
Sometimes we need to work really hard. Sometimes we need to play. Sometimes we need to grieve and let go. Sometimes we need to embrace and be close. Sometimes we need to simply observe from a neutral space. Sometimes we need to whoop it up[..]
Jeanette M. Pintar
05/23/2012   Sometimes  By Jeanette M. Pintar
Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network:  Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 Howdy Folks and Good Day! Sometimes we need to work really hard. Sometimes we need to play. Sometimes we need to grieve and let go. Sometimes we need to embrace and be cl[..]
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