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Joseph Walker began his professional writing career in 1980 as a staff writer for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City, eventually becoming the newspaper's television and live theater critic. He left professional journalism for 20 years to work in the world of public relations, and is now back at the Deseret News as the newspaper’s faith and religion reporter.

Since 1990 Joseph has written a weekly newspaper column called ValueSpeak, which has appeared in more than 200 newspapers nationally. A number of his columns have been published in five different editions of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. His published books include two column collections – “How Can You Mend a Broken Spleen?” and “Look What Love Has Done!” – as well as the Ben Franklin Award-winning novella, “Christmas on Mill Street.”

Joseph and his wife, Anita, have five children and seven grandchildren. They reside in American Fork, Utah

How Can You Mend a Broken Spleen?

Look What Love Has Done

Christmas on Mill Street

--- Joseph Walker


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Joseph Walker

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Joseph Walker
12/21/2012   Peace On Earth?  By Joseph Walker
PEACE ON EARTH? The air is crisp and cold in the mountains where I live – just as it should be in December. The final remnants of last weekend’s snowfall can still be seen here and there on the lawn, with more snow expected in the next[..]
Joseph Walker
12/14/2012   The Flour Of Love  By Joseph Walker
The Flour of Love  By Joseph Walker Bud wasn’t expecting presents for Christmas that year. It was the height of the Great Depression, and he was living in a boarding house thousands of miles away from home. There wasn’t money for gif[..]
Joseph Walker
12/13/2012   Value Speak: Christmas Music Curmudgeon.  By Joseph Walker
CHRISTMAS MUSIC CURMUDGEON I’ve just got to get this off my chest: “My Favorite Things” is NOT a Christmas song. It’s a great song from a great musical, “The Sound of Music.” But it’s not a Christmas song. It’s not like [..]
Joseph Walker
12/06/2012   Value Speak: The Rectangle Of Life  By Joseph Walker
THE RECTANGLE OF LIFE The recent re-release of Disney’s “The Lion King” (3D! Blu-ray! Diamond Edition 2-disc set!) takes me back to the day Anita and I took our five children to see the animated film when it was released in 1994. Ev[..]
Joseph Walker
11/29/2012   Value Speak: Getting What We Pay For  By Joseph Walker
GETTING WHAT WE PAY FOR It isn’t that I don’t like jewelry. Rather, it appears that jewelry doesn’t like me. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, jewelry and I do not get along. I accidentally destroyed the first watch th[..]
Joseph Walker
11/15/2012   Value Speak: Thanking God For The Things We Suffer  By Joseph Walker
THANKING GOD FOR THE THINGS WE SUFFER I don’t know how God does it. Seriously. I can’t figure it out. How He sits up there or out there or wherever “there” is and allows us to learn important lessons by going through hard things tha[..]
Joseph Walker
11/08/2012   Value Speak: The Right Place, The Right Time, The Right Mission  By Joseph Walker
THE RIGHT PLACE, THE RIGHT TIME, THE RIGHT MISSION Adam and Andrea picked a great time to move to New York City. No, really. They did. Never mind that they moved into town just a few days before Superstorm Sandy did. Forget that the much[..]
Joseph Walker
11/02/2012   Special Edition: Holding Hands With Beth By Joseph Walker  By Joseph Walker
SFPNN Special Edition: Friday, November 02th, 2012 Holding Hands with Beth By Joseph Walker A couple of days ago I found myself with some time on my hands, and I started watching the movie “Cast Away” on TV. It’s been a dozen yea[..]
Joseph Walker
11/01/2012   Value Speak: Suddenly Glorious  By Joseph Walker
SUDDENLY GLORIOUS The morning was cold and cloudy. A light rain fell, chilling the air. The car’s windshield wipers beat a slow, steady rhythm, a pounding dirge to accompany the somberness of my soul. It was the morning I had been dread[..]
Joseph Walker
10/25/2012   Value Speak: Changing The World — Courteously  By Joseph Walker
CHANGING THE WORLD -- COURTEOUSLY Courtesy wasn't really optional in my childhood home. I grew up with two sisters just older than me. If I wasn't courteous to them, they would slug me. Yes, I saw the irony (even though in those days I th[..]
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