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LarryG invokes Grace in our lives every Thursday with his weekly Blessings!

LarryG lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his three children and cat.

Blessings! are the outward expression of inward grace.

As I ponder particular aspects of life I look for the blessings. Sir Froggie's Positive News Network has been a blessing to so many. My weekly blessing is designed to speak to each of us through some specific area of life.

The foundational idea is that 'we are blessed to be a blessing.' By sharing blessings I hope to help others discover their own inner graces.

“Begin a tradition of favor for yourself and those you love.”

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Larry G

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Larry G
12/21/2012   Christmas Blessing  By Larry G
CHRISTMAS BLESSING The light of the Christmas star to you,The warmth of home and hearth to you,The cheer and good will of friends to you,The hope of a childlike heart to you,The joy of a thousand angels to you,The love of the Son, and God'[..]
Larry G
12/13/2012   Blessings! To Bless Self Knowledge.  By Larry G
TO BLESS SELF KNOWING May difficulties be acceptedand overcome in the graciouslight of self knowing. May gifts be simply received,confidently enjoyed, as self knowing embracesgoodness being offered. May certain peace acceleratenew beginning[..]
Larry G
12/06/2012   Blessings! To Bless The Wait  By Larry G
TO BLESS THE WAIT May joys of presence guardthe mind, heart and soul asthe wait ensues. May the sights and sounds provide the mind with notions of distractionbringing contentment to the wait. May knowing hope stay the courseof the wait, [..]
Larry G
11/29/2012   Blessings! To Bless Potential  By Larry G
TO BLESS POTENTIAL May ability be trusted to bear the spirit above and beyond the mind's limited visionof creativity. May the first step of journey become oneto move closer to objectives previously consideredout of reach, now having becom[..]
Larry G
11/15/2012   Blessings! To Bless Holiday  By Larry G
TO BLESS HOLIDAY May holiday bring thoseclose to heart near in body. May holiday celebrate the goodof country and heart of the nation. May the peoples good workbe honored during holiday. May spiritual life find a placeof honor during ho[..]
Larry G
11/08/2012   Blessings! To Bless Joyful Sunshine  By Larry G
TO BLESS JOYFUL SUNSHINE May joyful sunshine light your paths,May the delight of a shower christen  your bubbly laughter,May a cozy moment of shelter from storm  incite your playful spirit.May togetherness enrich moments of the days.M[..]
Larry G
11/01/2012   Blessings! To Bless Absence  By Larry G
TO BLESS ABSENCE May ache inside measure distance, salve hurt, chase away loneliness, as absence is confronted in hope. May absence be celebrated throughsolitude, moments of meditation that transcend inner pain. May walk alone with thoug[..]
Larry G
10/25/2012   Blessings! To Bless Service  By Larry G
TO BLESS SERVICE May gifts used to serve others be exemplary in use. May service be the point, may blessings of gain follow close on heels of service. May willingness to serve be springboard to successful endeavor. May good gossip be sp[..]
Larry G
10/18/2012   Blessings! To Bless Filling  By Larry G
TO BLESS FILLING May the vessels within reach hold generously the contents of goodness. May dishes of delight yield tasty fillings, brimming with flavor to enjoy. May filling of hours be accomplished with intentional kindness, knowing th[..]
Larry G
10/11/2012   Blessings! To Bless Children  By Larry G
TO BLESS CHILDREN May your world be animated by unforgettable characters. May playing the game always be the point. May imagination increase each time it is exercised. May the search for friends to share play time lead you in hopefulnes[..]
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