Reflections of a Zen Master

Misty was a beautiful emerald-eyed tabby cat that came into our lives unexpectedly and taught us many lessons in which I hope to share. My husband and I always joked that she was our little Zen Master as she would bask in the afternoon sunlight and find peace during the most chaotic days.

Reflections of a Zen Master appeared in SFPNN until the 1st anniversary of Misty's Soul Graduation.

Misty came into our lives in 1992. Her eyes penetrated deep into my soul before I ever knew that she would become an important part of our family for the next nine years. During that time, both Misty and I grew... in trust, faith, love, and over-coming our fears. She became a vital part of our lives - and our hearts.
Misty's soul graduated on March 17th, 2001. Even in her death, she gave us many gifts of joy and continued to help us grow. We have no doubt that she was - and is - a tiny angel whose purpose was to teach us how to love unconditionally and bask in the glory of each moment.

As I reflected on the many ways Misty had changed our hearts, I became even more aware of the lessons this furry faced little Zen Master had taught us. I hope to share these lessons with you... both to honor Misty and to share the sense of fulfillment and joy that has come from her knowledge.

For more about the story of Misty's life and her transition, please read Misty's Miracle in either the Soul Magic section of SFPNN or below in Fuzzy Tales. (Click the title for a quick link.) There were many more miracles than we could possibly include but we know beyond a doubt that our lives were touched by an angel... and continue to be.


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