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Moira Shepard loves to share the magic of instant change through miraculous healing every Monday in Miracles with Moira. It’s fast, easy and fun! Experience the red-hot healing technique sweeping the planet – ThetaHealing – around a fascinating new topic every week.

"Hi, I’m Moira Shepard. My background includes works as an award-winning journalist, performer, publicist, columnist, critic, editor, marketing maven … I’ve even been a mime.

It all came to a dead halt in March 1997, when a back injury left me paralyzed for four years and bedridden for another three. After five failed surgeries, the doctors gave up on me.

' There are two types of change:
the change we choose,
and the change that chooses us.'
— Linda Ellerbee

Alternative healers gave me the ability to remain vertical for 10 to 15 minutes a day – a big improvement over the way I’d been living up until then.

Early one morning in November 2003, a miraculous energy awakened me in mind, body, heart and soul. It left me knowing I had to get out of bed to take part in healing the world. I consecrated my life that day to becoming a healer. Because I’d had a miraculous healing, I wanted to find a way to show others how to heal as quickly and easily as I had done.

'We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.'

— E.M. Forster

Within 20 months, I was back on my feet and certified as a master results coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, hypnotherapist, and expert in Radiance Technique ® and The Sedona Method. Then I found ThetaHealing – a fast, easy, totally teachable way to create miraculous healings.

Since then, I’ve taken every class and become licensed to teach every ThetaHealing course available. My private practice extends from Sherman Oaks, CA, to Singapore. People all over the world read and listen to “Miracle Minute.” I spend my life doing what I love.

If you look in the dictionary under 'Blessed,' you’ll see my picture there. Thank you for taking the time to read this."

Moira Shepard

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
George Eliot

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Moira Shepard
12/10/2012   Miracles With Moira: An Exercise In Gratitude  By Moira Shepard
AN EXERCISE FOR GRATITUDE Try this at home for "Gratitude" to create more abundance today * Click hereto listen to me walk you through this exercise * A highly effective prayer structure that taps into the power of Gratitude goes somethin[..]
Moira Shepard
12/03/2012   Miracles With Moira: G Is For Gratitude  By Moira Shepard
G IS FOR GRATITUDE It’s Already Done – Thank You! It's become a cliché that if you want to manifest Abundance, an attitude of gratitude is a must. There's a reason for that… It works. Why is that? You are an Infinite Being. Nothi[..]
Moira Shepard
11/26/2012   Miracles With Moira: G Is For Good Girl / Good Boy  By Moira Shepard
G IS FOR GOOD GIRL / GOOD BOY Are you good enough? The people-pleasers among us (including me) usually get programmed in early childhood. How? The people who raised us withheld love and/or approval until we did "X" or stopped doing "Y." S[..]
Moira Shepard
11/19/2012   Miracles With Moira: G Is For Good: It’s Good For You!  By Moira Shepard
G IS FOR GOOD: It's Good for You! Abundance means an overflowing, unlimited supply of all good things. Many of us pray for Good to be granted to us - financial freedom, loving relationships, superb health - and then wonder, with increasin[..]
Moira Shepard
11/12/2012   Miracles With Moira: An Exercise For Fun  By Moira Shepard
AN EXERCISE FOR FUN! Click here to listen to me walk you through this exercise… Tired of missing out on the playtime you need to feel like there's more to life than checking off stuff on your endless to-do list? Fret not. Help is here.[..]
Moira Shepard
11/05/2012   Miracles With Moira: F Is For Fun  By Moira Shepard
F IS FOR FUN F is for "Fun."  What a concept! The more serious-minded among us tend to regard fun, and the desire to have fun, as hopelessly shallow, superficial and - oh, sin of sins! - unproductive. And yet, isn't it easier to feel Ab[..]
Moira Shepard
10/29/2012   Miracles With Moira: F Is For “ Foolish ”  By Moira Shepard
F IS FOR “FOOLISHNESS” Who decides what's foolish? The people who swore Mohandas K. Gandhi would never free India from her British overlords ... Who vowed Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and others like him would never drink from a fountai[..]
Moira Shepard
10/22/2012   Miracles With Moira: F Is For Feeling Good  By Moira Shepard
F IS FOR "FEELING GOOD" What’s so bad about feeling good? I used to think Abraham’s counsel that “nothing is more important than that you feel good” led to selfishness, solipsism and other icky stuff. I’ve come to see that there[..]
Moira Shepard
10/15/2012   Miracles With Moira: An Exercise – E Is For Easy  By Moira Shepard
EXERCISE: E IS FOR EASY Try this at home for "Easy" to create more abundance today. This technique works for tasks of any size, from taking out the garbage to having "The Talk" with your partner, child, or boss. Click here to listen to me[..]
Moira Shepard
10/08/2012   Miracles With Moira: E Is For Easy  By Moira Shepard
E IS FOR EASY You like it, but do you trust it?   We love the  fantasy of Easy.  It's the reality of Easy we have a hard time with. If something is "too easy," do you grow suspicious and wonder when it's going to come back to bite you?[..]
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