Vicarious Travel

Vicarious Travel

I was born and raised in Chicago and still live here. I have a great job, a wonderful family and friends, and a very special man in my life who travels with me on my incredible journey through life.

I am happy and thankful for the blessings in my life. I attribute my spiritual journey as the foundation and then meeting Dave, who is loving, caring, and attentive, as the key to maintaining my "life is good attitude".

We travel often and have visited fabulous, magical places. I hope to bring some of that magic to these pages with photos, suggestions and tips and to share stories of people and places that we have been fortunate to meet and visit. I will also try to share the history of places I visit. This is the best part of my writing, as I also learn new and fascinating facts about the places and sights I have seen.

Our country is beautiful. People are intriguing. The world is fascinating. Vicarious traveling doesn't cost a cent. In addition to preparing us for our real travels, it also connects us with the one thing that makes traveling so special - other people and places.

Please feel free to send any travel photos or stories to me that you would like to share so I can add them to this Travel Page. There are so many places I have never visited but I would love to see and read about through your eyes.

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Send your photos and stories to: Patty with "for Vicarious Travel" in the subject line.

-- Patty

“You have everything you need, if you Just Believe"
- 'Josh Groban' “Believe” from the Polar Express Soundtrack



The path to happiness is forgiveness of everyone
and gratitude for everything.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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12/12/2012   Vicarious Travel: Siena, Italy  By Patty
WELCOME TO SIENA, ITALY VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL The historic center of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. Siena is a medieval city in the region of Tuscany, located some 43 miles south of Florence. It is probably [..]
12/05/2012   Rug Factory: Ephesus, Turkey Story  By Patty
WELCOME TO THE TURKEY RUG FACTORY VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL Silk carpets made in Turkey are prized the world over. The centuries old history of hand-weaving, rich colors and patterns and the painstaking labor that goes into creating t[..]
11/28/2012   Florence, Italy (part 2) Duomo Story  By Patty
WELCOME TO THE DUOMO, FLORENCE ITALY VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL   Santa Maria del Fiore (also known simply as the Duomo) is the cathedral of Florence known for its distinctive Renaissance dome. Its name ("Saint Mary of the Flower") re[..]
11/21/2012   Florence  By Patty
WELCOME TO FLORENCE ITALY VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL   Part 1   Part One includes the city tour. Part Two will be the Duomo (Cathedral) which needs a page all by itself.     One of the many cities we visited on our trip to Ita[..]
11/14/2012   Sculptures – Part 4  By Patty
WELCOME TO SCULPTURES, STATUES AND DISPLAYS OF ART VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL   Installment #4   Below are more art displays, sculptures and statues that I have encountered in my travels. Some may be permanent while others are temp[..]
11/07/2012   St. John’s Basilica  By Patty
WELCOME TO ST. JOHN'S BASILICA SELCUK, TURKEY VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL   After leaving the spectacular ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus (previous story), our guided tour took us to the Basilica of St. John the Apostle about two mile[..]
10/31/2012   Ephesus  By Patty
WELCOME TO THE ANCIENT RUINS OF EPHESUS, TURKEY VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL St Paul's New Testament Letter to the Ephesians was written to the citizens of Ephesus. The Virgin Mary is believed to have spent her last days on earth here. (my [..]
10/24/2012   Butchart Gardens  By Patty
WELCOME TO BUTCHART GARDENS VICTORIA, B.C. VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL During one of our frequent trips to Seattle, we took a three hour ferry ride on the Victoria Clipper from Seattle to the Island of Vancouver, B.C. for an overnight s[..]
10/17/2012   Patty: Edinburgh Castle  By Patty
WELCOME TO EDINBURGH CASTLE AND THE ROYAL MILE VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL   In September 2011, I had the opportunity to visit Edinburgh, Scotland. We stayed at the MacDonald Roxburghe Hotel not far from Princess Street where we could [..]
10/10/2012   Vicarious Travels: Curacao  By Patty
WELCOME TO CURACAO VIA SFPNN VICARIOUS TRAVEL Curacao is the largest of the Netherlands Antilles; it is also the most populous. The island has all the amenities of a Caribbean paradise, plus one of the region’s most distinctive cities[..]
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