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The Christmas Tree Chronicles

Tom R. Oh's tastefully twisted column, The Christmas Tree Chronicles appears only on SFPNN's website. This is a special bonus feature we are proud to offer. Warning: Not for the faint of a humorous heart.

Tom has also written other stories and series which are available by clicking below or scrolling down after the Christmas Tree Chronicles.

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Hello, you were probably expecting Tom Rotundo, a.k.a. Tom R. oh to be writing this, but the truth is it is I, Harley, who does all the writing. Who am I? I am a Chihuahua and much cuter than that one who does Mexican food commercials.

I adopted Tom, his family and Winnie, an ugly Brittany Spaniel, 4 years ago while I lived in Sherman, TX. I moved to Allen , TX. recently and out of the goodness of my heart brought them all along with me, even Winnie, who said my face looked like the front end of a bus. Winnie has been with Tom for 6 years. He bought her if you can believe it. I would have thought such barbaric practices would have been banned years ago. Oh, you don’t want to hear any more about Winnie, can’t blame you there, but you want to know more about Tom?

I guess it takes all kinds as they say and Tom is definitely a kind of some sort. I had to do a lot of digging but I found out that Tom was born on the south side of Chicago and that shortly thereafter he moved to Davenport, IA, where he received most of his formal education. He never wrote a book but he claims he read one once - said it was named “My First Reader” and that he is waiting for the sequel before he reads another. “Bad Tom! Bad! Quit licking my paws while I am trying to type.” Don’t you just hate when humans lick your paws when you are typing?

Anyway, where was I? The reasons for Tom leaving Davenport are unclear but he next appears in Phoenix, AZ., where he met Fay, whom he married. He then moved to Tucson, AZ., and finally to Sherman, where they were fortunate enough to meet me. Somewhere along the line they acquired 2 kids. How this happened is a complete mystery to me. Fay died in November of 1999 from breast cancer. The stories that are attributed to Tom are the result of promises he made to Fay before she died. He promised her that a Christmas tree from a particular Christmas tree farm would be in the house that Christmas. He also promised to try to keep in touch with some of Fay’s Internet buddies because she felt they could help him deal with her loss. Fay would have liked an Irish Wake, she loved laughter but she knew that an Irish Wake was not possible. Tom thought and thought and decided that a story could take the place of the Irish Wake. Thus, the first Christmas tree story was the result of these promises. That was supposed to be the only such story but some wanted to hear more and they kept asking so I wrote more stories for them.

I had better go now; Tom and Winnie are leaping up and down at the back door. I guess they need to go out. They are not very patient when it comes to stuff like that. They way they act you would think that there was not going to be another Tom R oh.

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