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BUSY ANGELS by David McLaughlan

For the past few weeks Gladys has been wakening up, for no apparent reason, at 3.30 every morning. She usually got back to sleep, but it took a while and it did leave her feeling exhausted the next day.

I asked her how it was going when I met her recently and she said she was still waking up at the same time – but she seemed much brighter about it! So, of course, I had to ask why.

She’d told a friend about the problem and the other woman had responded, “Oh, how wonderful! They say that’s the time when the angels are at their busiest!”

Now, Gladys has no idea where her friend got that idea from, but it was a comfort thinking that she was in such wonderful company in the wee small hours.

But does it help her as well as comfort her?

Yes, it does. Gladys can’t work with the angels there and then, but she can join in with the spirit of their activities. So, she snuggles back under the cover and tries to think of someone she can be an angel for when she wakes up. The warm feeling that comes from planning how to do that usually means she gets to sleep in no time.

She falls asleep with a good feeling and wakes up with a mission.

The angels might well be at their busiest at 3.30 a.m. but I am sure they are not so busy that they don’t stop and smile as Gladys dreams!

— © by David McLaughlan

“Finding the extra in the ordinary.”


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