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Fuzzy Tales

By Various Authors
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Do you have a tale to share about one of your favorite fuzzy (or feathered, finned, or even scaly) friends? Pets and animals are teachers of a very special kind. They’re also friends, soul mates, comedians, and for many, the first truly recognizable source of unconditional love on earth.

Send your story to with the words FUZZY TALES in the subject and we’ll post it below to share with others. Include a photo if you’d like, but please send it in either .jpg or .gif format. Thanks! Here’s to our Fuzzy Friends!

Fuzzy Tales Archives

Jeanette M. Pintar
12/04/2012   Fuzzy Tales: A Little Love Can Go A Long Way  By Jeanette M. Pintar
A LITTLE LOVE CAN GO A LONG WAY The other day I was having a really difficult time. I felt beaten down, broken hearted and depressed. Life itself was overwhelming. I found myself smack dab in the middle of a very intense grieving process f[..]
11/20/2012   Fuzzy Tales: Para Hawking  By admin
PARA HAWKING – Thanks to Chuck S. Every time I watch Para Hawking, I get a skip in my heart and a wonderful feeling in my soul. If you’ve ever wanted to let your spirit soar, or wondered how it would feel to fly like a bird, this video[..]
11/13/2012   Fuzzy Tales: Zeus And Roxanne – Thanks To Lynda H  By admin
ZEUS AND ROXANNEThanks to Lynda H. What happens when Zeus the dog goes overboard into shark infested waters while his boat driving humans are completely unaware?  Things don’t look good at all… unless you’re the hungry shark who’s[..]
10/23/2012   Fuzzy Tales: Baby Elephant Rescued From Well  By admin
BABY ELEPHANT RESCUED FROM WELL Can you imagine how any mother would feel if her eight month old fell into a well?  That’s exactly what happen to a Mama Elephant and her baby in Kenya.  Fortunately they were being observed by researche[..]
10/09/2012   Fuzzy Tales: Reunited After 4 Years!  By admin
Reunited After 4 Years! A Southern California family got the surprise of a lifetime when their dog Chuck, a black lab with a big heart, was found after being on the run for four years!  Check out this video from ABC7 about the happy reuni[..]
09/25/2012   Fuzzy Tales: Animals Have Consciousness Too!  By admin
  Fuzzy Tales ANIMALS HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS TOO Here’s a heartwarming article and photos about scientific research animal lovers have known all along… Animals have feelings and consciousness too!  Check it out![..]
09/11/2012   Fuzzy Tales: Stopping A Nightmare  By admin
Fuzzy Tales STOPPING A NIGHTMARE Who among us hasn’t been in a position where our fears took over and we really needed someone to hold us tight, and let us know we were are safe?  The video below shows a beautiful tabby cat with her i[..]
05/15/2012   Tsunami  By admin
Fuzzy Tales TSUNAMI by Faith O’Heron Several years ago I was vending at a cat show in Pomona.  There was a cat rescue group with a lot of cats available for adoption and some kittens from an abandoned litter captured my attention.  On[..]
05/01/2012   Elephants Reunited After 20 Years  By Misty
Fuzzy Tales ELEPHANTS REUNITED AFTER 20 YEARS Have you ever gone through something really challenging in life and made a close friend in the process, then for whatever reason were separated?  There’s a longing, a love, a gratitude for [..]
04/17/2012   Hippo Adopts 100 Year Old Tortoise As “mom”  By Misty
Fuzzy Tales HIPPO ADOPTS 100 YR OLD TORTOISE AS “MOM” What would you do if you got swept down a river in a storm into the Indian Ocean, and then caught in a tsunami that swept you back to shore?  If you’re a baby hippopotamus you[..]
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