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Soul Magic

By Various Authors
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What is “Soul Magic”?

It’s one of those magical moments that reaches your heart and touches your soul. It deepens your consciousness, heightens your awareness and changes your perception, perhaps transforming your life forever.

Sometimes we know the moment the magic occurs – and we know exactly how it will affect our lives. Other times we only discover it was Soul Magic much later when we look back and reflect on how we’ve arrived at this point in our journey.

Everyone experiences Soul Magic at some point in their life.

It comes in many shapes and sizes and through a variety of experiences… Soul Magic can be attained through traveling to foreign countries or visiting a part of your own. It can be unearthed through finding faith or discovering spirituality. It may be the success symbol of over-coming an addiction or working through therapy, transforming old wounds into lessons of healing.

If you have your own stories of Soul Magic to share, please e-mail them to Soul Magic. Your experiences will be included in the Soul Magic Collection on this page and may also run in issues of SFPNN or The SFPNN Special Edition. When enough Soul Magic stories are collected, I may pursue publishing them in a book. Although there is no guarantee that the book will transpire, I will do my best to ensure its creation. In the meantime, thanks for sharing your experiences.

The pages that follow are filled with individual experiences of Soul Magic from people all over the world. Sit back, relax, and let some Soul Magic cast its spell over you.

Jeanette M. Pintar

Soul Magic Archives

Joseph J. Mazzella
11/27/2012   Soul Magic: Our Daily Bread  By Joseph J. Mazzella
OUR DAILY BREAD - By Joseph J. Mazzella It was the Christmas break from school almost 40 years ago. I had spent most of the morning like any young boy would, playing outside in the snow and soaking up the few hours of sunlight on the short[..]
11/06/2012   Soul Magic: Shake A Tail Feather  By Rosvita
SHAKING A TAIL FEATHER By Rosvita Wolk It was one of those things, when I finished writing yesterday… I checked the temperature outside; it was calm, a bit overcast, and I could not shake a tail feather right then. Did not want to do any[..]
10/30/2012   Soul Magic: My Journey Into Selflessness – By “soul Magic.”  By admin
MY JOURNEY INTO SELFLESSNESS By “Soul Magic” Previously, I had known “Soul Magic” ONLY by one thing… A record/vinyl by YBU called Soul Magic, a beautiful tune. So I chose the name “Soul Magic” as my username for a dating sit[..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
10/16/2012   Soul Magic: Candles On A Cake  By Joseph J. Mazzella
CANDLES ON A CAKE By Joseph J. Mazzella I had a birthday coming up soon, but I decided not to put any candles on my cake this year. I thought that 46 of them might ruin the icing or set off the smoke alarm. The funny thing, though, is that[..]
10/02/2012   Soul Magic: The Miracle Of Passion  By Rosvita
THE MIRACLE OF PASSION By Rosvita I was in a hurry to pick up my older (21) grandson to bring him home before it was time for my younger (3) grandson to leave the day care.  I felt somewhat anxious, when the announcer of the Minnesota P[..]
09/18/2012   Soul Magic: God In Our Life  By admin
Soul Magic    GOD IN OUR LIFE by Ellie Braun-Haley There is something comforting and strangely magical  about seeing the rays of the sun, reaching through the trees, because the rays don't just touch the trees, the earth, and the hill[..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
05/22/2012   Tuning Into God  By Joseph J. Mazzella
TUNING INTO GOD by Joseph J. Mazzella I find myself using the mute button on my remote control more and more these days. There is just so much on television right now that I don’t want to listen to. Whether it is hypocritical politicians [..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
05/08/2012   You Can’t Keep Time  By Joseph J. Mazzella
YOU CAN’T KEEP TIME by Joseph J. Mazzella My watch broke a few days ago. The band snapped without me noticing, causing it to fall to the floor while I was doing the laundry. As I stepped back to grab another armful of clothes I heard a [..]
Joseph J. Mazzella
04/24/2012   You Can See God  By Joseph J. Mazzella
YOU CAN SEE GOD By Joseph J. Mazzella I sat at my desk staring at the letter for a long time. It was written by a friend of mine who was going through some difficult times. It listed problem after problem and seemed full of despair. It ende[..]
04/10/2012   The Missing Shoe  By Rosvita
Soul Magic THE MISSING SHOE by Rosvita Wolk-Feilinger Here I am, putting away toys, stacking books, lining up cars, which my little 2 year and 5 month old grandson calls “carsies” which in turn has prompted us to think he said "Car se[..]
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