Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network: Wednesday, October 31th, 2012

Howdy Folks and Good Day!

Happy Halloween, My Friends!

While there are many stories about the origination of Halloween, the one which seems the most common is that people believed this was the time of year when the veil to the “other side” was thinnest.  It is the eve before All Souls Day, intended to honor relatives and ancestors who had passed away.  To avoid being visited by earthbound spirits who might not have such honorable intentions, people carved masks and jack-o-lanterns to scare away potential “visitors” other than the loved ones they were honoring and anticipating.

Honoring our loved ones is a good thing.  Hopefully we do it while they are still here with us!  We often assume others know we love them, care about them, respect them, and cherish them.  The reality is we all have egos and “programming” which may make us wonder, doubt, or question if we are truly loved.  We make think our love and gratitude for someone is obvious because it is such a given in our own hearts.  But it might not be so obvious in the hearts of those we love.  Rather than assume, take the time to say…

I love you.

I appreciate you and am grateful for you.

I cherish you.

I respect you.

I’m so happy you’re in my life.

You mean so much to me.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for you.

You make the world a better place.

Thank you for being you.

There I just said it to each of you.  And hopefully you’ll say it too… to all the people you care about, and to all the people you assume know you care.  It’s not that hard.  And it  really doesn’t take all that much time.  So go ahead.  Don’t wait until they’re gone to say it.  Now is the perfect time!

With Peace, Love, Happiness, Health and Prosperity,

Rev. Jeanette

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Moments of Joy

This is the way I want to go through life.  This is a reminder of how I want to live.


The only thing you ever need to do
Is let whatever is be a blessing to you.
Look for the gift each moment contains.
When you look for it, you’ll see
Life shows up the way you expect it to.
What you see is really up to you.
You are creating it as you go along.
Put on a smile and sing a song.

~ © Joy Hart 10/05/2012

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May we celebrate the wonderful blessings we have.
May we focus on the positive and good,
Allowing the negative to melt into puddles behind us,
As we look forward to sharing moments with loved ones.

~ © Ellie Braun-Haley



Good News

It’s time to share the good stuff! Let’s shift our focus to what’s good, right, and blessed in our lives. What are we excited about? What are we grateful for? Maybe a nice day, special event, good review, passing grade, job promotion, birthday or anniversary… Whatever it is, share your good news with us! E-mail and put Good News for SFPNN in the subject line.




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Have a day filled with good thoughts. Take time to look at the clouds and breathe in deeply.  With each deep breath in think of peace winding its way into every molecule of you…With each exhale, let it be a release of anything you need to let go of… May  God’s grace be with you!
~ © Ellie Braun-Haley



Vicarious Travel with Patty


In ancient times, Ephesus, was the second-largest city in the Mediterranean after Rome.  As capital of Asia Minor, Ephesus would have drawn travelers and traders from across the Empire. 

Now, perched in dry hills a few miles outside the Turkish town of Selcuk, Ephesus is a major tourist destination.   Exploring theaters and temples, and walking on marble streets,  it is easy to imagine a vibrant metropolis at its peak, even though all that remain are ruins.

View photos and read the entire story at:


~ ©Patty

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The world is fascinating. Vicarious traveling prepares us for our real travels and connects us with the one thing that makes traveling so special - other people and places.  Please feel free to send any travel photos or stories to me that you would like to share so I can add them to the Vicarious Travel Page. There are so many places I have never visited but I would love to see and read about through your eyes.

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