Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network: Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Howdy Folks and Good Day!

I have a few questions for you… What are you inspired by?

Do you allow yourself to get inspired? To be infused with the passionate holy fire of Spirit which touches our soul and lifts us to a higher level?

How often do you feel inspired?

Do you inspire others?

Do you allow others to inspire you?

I’m a firm believer that God works through each and every one of us. Even during — and especially during — our most difficult times. We need be open only the tiniest bit for God to infuse us with His Spirit, His Words, His Thoughts, His Energy, His call to action. When this happens we are truly inspired. And we tend to do things which will inspire others.

In the moment it may not seem like a big deal… a smile, a word of encouragement or comfort, a hug… Or perhaps something bigger and more profound is on the list for you. The size of the deed isn’t nearly as important as simply letting inspiration guide us, motivate us, and lead our every action. Should we mess up, we can always get inspired again.

Sometimes we must put a little more effort in than anticipated; it’s OK. In the long run it all works out. So go ahead. Think about it… Who and what inspires you? Who do you inspire? How do you inspire them? Well, what are you waiting for?

I’ve yet to meet a person who hasn’t been able to inspire me on some level. I pray God speaks and works through me so I can inspire others as well. In the meantime, let it flow!

With Peace, Love, Happiness, Health and Prosperity,

Rev. Jeanette

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Moments of Joy

I read this phrase (title) in a book and this song was inspired.


Just take a look and let yourself see
Everything ablaze with divinity.
When you send a blessing out from you
To do whatever it chooses to,
Everything you see
Takes on a brighter hue,
The sound of the birds
Seems like a merry tune,
And you feel the joy of being alive
On such a precious day as this.
Just let yourself bask in the glow
Of what can be called a state of bliss.

~ © Joy Hart 28/11/2012


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“YOU ARE OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE because every smile you hand out, motivates another individual to smile… Oh goodness, then their smile is passed along to another and then another and… Well you started it. You bless people you have never even seen!! So go and have a wonderful day!”

~ © Ellie Braun-Haley



Good News

It’s time to share the good stuff! Let’s shift our focus to what’s good, right, and blessed in our lives. What are we excited about? What are we grateful for? Maybe a nice day, special event, good review, passing grade, job promotion, birthday or anniversary… Whatever it is, share your good news with us! E-mail and put Good News for SFPNN in the subject line.


OUTDOOR CHURCH – Huntsville, Alabama

Come Join Us This Saturday, December 1ST, On The Manna House Property Serving The Homeless Community

The Heritage Quartet lead worship and Evangelist Larry Hogan will bring the Good News.

We invite you to come and share in Worship, Message and a Meal.

Volunteers are needed as Prayer Counselors, Cooks, Servers, Set Up, and Folks to be there just to welcome and love on all who attend. Come help set up at 10am. Outdoor Church starts at 11:00am.

Fran will be coordinating the meal; if you can help out, call or text Fran at 256-653-7883

We could also use your prayers for His provision, that His will be done, and acknowledging his lordship over everything that will be said, thought, decided and done during Outdoor Church.

Manna House is located at 2110 Memorial PKWY SE, Huntsville, Alabama.


“It is in our lives and not our words that our religion must be read.”

~ © Thomas Jefferson



Vicarious Travel with Patty

Florence, Italy: Part 2 of 2 – DUOMO

In Part Two of my trip to Florence, read about the historic Duomo that is recognizable as the famous landmark in this beautiful city along with the Bapistery and Bell Tower that make up the colorful pink, green and white Tuscan marble buildings of the Cathedral Complex.

View photos and read the entire story at:

~ ©Patty

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The world is fascinating. Vicarious traveling prepares us for our real travels and connects us with the one thing that makes traveling so special - other people and places.  Please feel free to send any travel photos or stories to me that you would like to share so I can add them to the Vicarious Travel Page. There are so many places I have never visited but I would love to see and read about through your eyes.

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