Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network: Friday, October 14th, 2012

Howdy Folks and Good Day!

Well, Friends. This is it. . . The last day of SFPNN’s distribution for the year 2012. It sure has been a journey! Thank you for sharing it with us.

I hope you’ve come through 2012 feeling stronger, wiser, more prosperous, peaceful, joyful, healthy and loved. If not, know that I send you blessings from my heart with a prayer that 2013 is a better year for you and everyone else.

It can help to acknowledge that each year of life has its ups and downs. Some big, some small. Some may seem like nothing and some may seem insurmountable. I certainly don’t have the answers as to how to get through it all, but I do know that every human being on this planet has a purpose, has a gift to offer the world; has some bit of insight, awareness and wisdom to share, has love and hope to give, and a reason for being here.

To say things don’t always go as planned would be an understatement for most folks I’ve talked to recently (including myself)! Yet in our darkest, most bleak moments, a little spark of Light somehow manages to get through.

Even when we feel completely alone, depleted, and kersplatted, there is that part of our inner most Spirit which wants to rise up from the ashes into an incredible phoenix, spreading its wings wide and soaring on the currents of each new day. It’s important to feed and nurture that part of ourselves. It may take a bit of clearing off the mud and gunk to find it, but rest assured it is in there…

Our eternal, invincible, Spirit is there beneath the disappointments, pain, fear, grief, and other things which may be blocking it from sight. It is that part of us we must access no matter what. Fear not during the times we can’t find it, it will find us. And it will wrap its glorious wings around us, tap into the Spirit of our Creator, and help us rise up once again into the glorious Light of Spirit that God created us to be.

If you’re already soaring, enjoy the day’s current! Ride on it with gusto and gratitude! Know that your flight is inspiration and hope for others to follow. Enjoy the view. Share your perspective and what it took to soar to such wonderful heights. Give thanks for the gift of your incredible spirit and your strong wings.

My Friends, may you be blessed. And may Heaven’s Helpers always be at your side to assist you in any and every way needed… including learning how to rise up from the ashes and fly.


With Peace, Love, Happiness, Health and Prosperity,

Rev. Jeanette

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Kindness Suggestion

YOUR JOB IS TO LOVE By Joseph J. Mazzella

My kitchen table was covered with papers. It was the end of the month and I was trying to get all of my paperwork done and taken to the office on time. I sat down in a chair, picked up my pen, and started writing on the first page. Just then a flash of motion caught my eye. I looked out my window and saw my neighbors’ white beagle standing on my back porch. She had gotten free from her yard and was having fun running loose.

Knowing my neighbors were at work I looked at my paperwork, sighed, and put down the pen. I headed out the backdoor and whistled for the dog to come. She looked like she might come to me for a second, but then she caught a scent in the air and headed for the woods. I ran after her calling and whistling the whole time. As I followed her further and further into the woods, I grew frustrated. “Come on!”, I said to no one in particular. “I have work to do!”

Suddenly, I heard a soft, gentle voice that was not my own whisper in my mind. “Your job is to love,” it said. At that moment my heart was filled with a warmth and love that are beyond my words to describe. My eyes moistened and I smiled at the same time. I squatted down and called my neighbors’ dog again. This time the beagle turned and ran happily into my arms. She licked my face over and over as I carried her the quarter mile back to her yard. Even though my arms were tired my heart was light. I was at peace doing my real job. The paperwork could wait.

God loves us all and His greatest joy is in seeing us love each other as well. To love is our job, our mission, and our purpose in this life. Do your job well then and have the time of your life while you do it. Love God. Love yourself. Love others. Love animals. Love this world. Love your life. Share your love in everything you think, feel, say and do. And rejoice in the peace and happiness it brings to you always.

~ © Joseph J. Mazzella


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It’s up to each of us to make the world a kinder, gentler, more loving and compassionate place. How have you been kind to others? How have people treated you kindly?  Share acts of kindness you’ve witnessed or experienced personally with SFPNN.



“All the good that you will do will come not from you but from the fact that you allowed yourself, in the obedience of faith, to be used by God’s Love. Think of this more, and gradually you will be free from the need to prove yourself, and you can be more open to the power that will work through you without knowing it.”

~ © Thomas Merton quoted in Your Soul’s Compass – by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. and Gordon Dveirin, Ed. D.



A Bit of Humor


After much thought, research and observation, I have finally come to answer the question, “What is a calorie?”

Calories are the little buggers that get into your closet, then sneak into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter!

~ Thanks to Susanne H.

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“When you say, ‘What’s the most important prayer…? It’s ANA ADONAI HOSHIYA NA – ‘Please God help us.”

~ © Reb Zalman quoted in Your Soul’s Compass – by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. and Gordon Dveirin, Ed. D.



Success Strategies by Michael Angier


As a purposeful entrepreneur, it’s likely that you want to make the world a better place. And you also likely know that it all starts with you. Your business depends on your ability to transform energy into value which helps make the world a better place.

Now that sounds great, but what isn’t said is that transformation is a continuous, never-ending process of completions in order to have new beginnings. Without completing things (or, in the metaphysical sense, the ‘death’ of things), the cycle of life can’t begin (as a new birth, which can mean the next level of life as well as a brand new entity).

By putting the period at the end of the sentence, you move on to the next one; if there is no punctuation to signal the end of the sentence, the thoughts are ‘run-on’ and can get jumbled. If people never died, we’d be having conversations with Leonardo da Vinci, the planet would be overrun by people and it would all be very confusing. The same holds true for your business—it needs completions to function properly.

So, it’s absolutely vital that you finish what’s incomplete as of today in order to get to your next best level in business. Now is always the perfect time to create positive completions.

Here are nine secrets to creating positive completions and setting you and your business up to transform the world. (By the way, there are nine secrets here because, numerologically, nine is the number of completion–think about it!)

1. Finish old business or let it go. If you haven’t gotten to something on your “to do” list for a long time, decide if it’s really something you are supposed to get done. If yes, do it. If no, get it off your list. If you want to revisit the idea later, create a “parking lot” book for those project ideas. The goal is two-fold: free up the mindspace that those projects hold hostage and release the self-punishment for not getting them done. That’s valuable energy you can use to create fresh results!

Quick tip: Make a list of what’s outstanding and cross off anything that can wait 12 months to get done. From there, cross off what can wait for six months to get done . . . and then cross off what can wait for three months. Now you have your list of priorities that you want to get done in the next 60 days. Make a plan to handle each one of them—you might be surprised how quickly you will move through your focus list! (Then repeat again—some of what was on your original long-term list might not make it on to your current list again!)

2. Align with what feels right for you. If it doesn’t make sense for you, it’s not yours—even if that’s “what everybody else is doing” (or maybe especially if that’s the case!). Often that’s what causes procrastination—you think you ‘should’ do it. Instead, use no one else’s measurement in determining your goals nor your progress toward them and outsource what doesn’t feel aligned with your natural skills and talents. When you’re aligned with what’s right for you, you have easy access to your internal power sources and THAT creates positive new beginnings in exponential ways.

3. Accept responsibility for what you have created so far. If you aren’t the cause of your outcomes, you are the effect of them, which puts you in reaction to your life and makes you a victim on some level. To be a creator of beginnings AND completions, you must own what you’ve created, even if it’s messy while in process. If you don’t know what your responsibility was in creating a given situation, track back to the last place you ‘owned’ your result (example: the airline lost your luggage—you “own” that occurrence because you chose to travel in the first place and check your bag).

4. Don’t judge yourself for what was or the decisions you made in the past. If you would have known better, you would have done better (and that goes for the rest of us, too!). Generally, you are your own worst critic and say things to yourself that you would never say out loud to another person. Show yourself the same kindness that you would show a stranger and watch the positive completions as they flow more easily and celebrate that you can see your progress from then until now.

5. Trust the bigger picture. You may not be able to see it, but there is always a greater context for every situation, relationship and opportunity. By knowing that there is a bigger picture, it is easier to release what you can’t get to or don’t want to handle because it will get handled one way or another. It may not be where you see it or how you would prefer, but when you let go in trust, there is new freedom for the bigger picture to gain new momentum.

6. Upgrade your energy sources. A Gulfstream 7 jet doesn’t run on diesel fuel . . . an animal doesn’t do well when drinking from a poisoned pond . . . and neither do your positive completions. Look around your world to see what is supporting you, and make sure it really IS supporting you! Maybe it has outlived its time, or you have different needs, or something has shifted—if this is the case, it’s time for a replacement! Upgrade your sources of energy to fuel your positive completions.

7. Forget perfection. If you are attached to being perfect before something can happen, or that something else has to be perfect before you can benefit, or that there are negative consequences when something isn’t perfect, that can severely limit your positive completions. Completing projects can be messy in the middle—it’s hard to be perfect when you’re renovating a house! Be in the flow of change, and know that the imperfect is, in all likelihood, pretty perfect.

8. Detach from the empty space. We become conditioned to filling up every spare space in our calendar, on our desks, in our lives, that empty space can actually feel destabilizing. When you are completing things, it will create empty space—get used to that. And know that your creativity will likely rush in to fill the empty space and you’ll have new projects to begin. The key is in having detachment to the empty space—it doesn’t mean you are less than, boring, not busy enough if you have some empty spaces waiting for your next flash of insightful creation.

9. Start with your environment. What’s ‘out there’ is ‘in here’—your environment is your mirror. Pick an area on your desk or in your office to clear out and start doing what it takes to get completions done. You can use a checklist, a giant post-it on the wall, your Outlook calendar or something else to track what needs doing and then mark what’s done for a sense of satisfaction. You can even time yourself—do it in 27 minute time ‘chunks’ so it stays dynamic for you (Why 27? Because 2 + 7 = 9 and, say it with me, nine is the number of completion).

Through your positive completion process, you are being of the highest service in making the world a better place because you’re giving your business the gift of new beginnings. It’s about time.

Discover Your Life Purpose. When you unlock your deepest purpose and know why you are here, nothing can stop you from pursuing and living it. Obstacles seem to melt, criticism is irrelevant and you are compelled to move toward living your purpose. Your life purpose cannot be held back—it’s why you are here and gives meaning and value to what you do. When you know why you’re here, your life becomes focused and everything gains new clarity. The 3-part audio series—and bonus intro audio—that can reveal the path to your life purpose is here:
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Making the most of human nature since 1998, Lynn M. Scheurell is an authority for high-potential entrepreneurs who desire to create intentional business success by connecting the dots between inner and outer beliefs and business expression. Changing the world starts by understanding your motivations, inspirations and purpose; in other words, changing the world starts within you. Only then can you apply your intensity through strategic business models, systems and focused action to create conscious, and often dramatic, results. Download free resources to help you accelerate your conscious business results at

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