Just heard from a reader that she loved my book, Delight, and it inspired her to connect with her grandmother in a new way; actually she is now taking sewing lessons, something her grandmother encouraged her to do a long time ago. I am so happy, as this is the kind of book designed to inspire and take you to new places in yourself.

Delight is the culmination of professional adventuring into positive psychology, combined with journeying back to my roots as a Jewish woman.  I have such a passion to help women feel impassioned about where they are going and how to live lives of meaning, well-being and purpose. 

Delight leaves no leaf unturned!  Every experience, celebration, or activity in the world of being Jewish brings in the reader so she can celebrate and move ahead in her life’s journey. 

Join me as I travel in Jewish circles known only to a few, dancing with the women at a festive wedding, dipping into the pure waters of a Mikvah, and more!

Check out Delight here.

~ © Barbara Becker Holstein