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The following video was shot on March 5th in Brazil.  A pod of dolphins was swimming in with the tide – either rounding up fish, escaping a predator, or possibly due to an undersea earthquake.  The reason is not known.  The dolphins found themselves stuck as the waves they were riding went out and they were caught in the sand.  Beach goers wasted little time in getting these lovely dolphins back out into the water.  Their methods may not have been the way experts prefer, but every dolphin was returned.  It’s an incredible thing to witness, especially when you consider one small dolphin weighs around 400 pounds!


~  Thanks to Jason H. for sharing this.


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Animals can touch our lives in myriad ways… From cleverly disguised angels who live with us as pets to wildlife or medicine animals, our hearts and minds can be opened with the love and wisdom of all God’s creatures.  Share your Fuzzy Tale with us!  E-mail your story with “FUZZY TALES” in the subject line.