The Word for the Year... BLESSINGS!
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SFPNN is on summer holiday as of May 28th and will return to regular e-mail distribution on September 10th, 2012.
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SFPNN's readers make this a truly Positive News Network.  Your ideas, opinions, suggestions, comments, and feedback count.  You count.  You make the difference.   If you have something you'd like to communicate to SFPNN's editor or share with fellow PNNers, please e-mail your comments to: FEEDBACK



Here are some comments from our Positive News Network of People...





From Barbara T...


All I can say is BLESS you for all you have done by creating this wonderful online messenger of uplifting, hope and positiveness!!


        --- Barbara




From Heather...


You hit the nail right on the head when you said PNN is like a "spiritual vitamin". It has definitely made a difference in my life. Not only because you and Renee have kind of "taken me under your wing" with advice, but it's so nice to read things everyday that are inspirational and positive.


I'm not sure if I've said it before but I'm not the most religious person. I'm Catholic, but I'm a lousy one---you know....only go to mass at Easter and Christmas! But, God is still important to me and I value the spiritual message from PNN. But I don't really consider PNN to be "religious" per se. I just like the positive, up-beatness of it.


I like Renee's stuff, the personal stories of success and triumph, the support that PNN offers, everything. I give it an A+.


Some days, I've come in and PNN is right here first thing in the morning in my e-mail. Some things I've read and said, "Oh, that's nice", but other days some things have made me cry and re-think some situations in my life and how I can deal with them better or try to meet a challenge head-on instead of running away. It makes me feel like I'm not the only one in the world who has bad days or suffers or has problems. We really are all in the same boat together, and I think PNN is a nice reminder of that.


--- Heather S.





From Neena...


Keep up with the great work - it makes a profound difference!


--- Neena




From Michelle...


"Ask and you shall receive". Boy, those words came to mind this morning as I drove to work. Noticing the beautiful sunrise and enjoying the smells of early morning, I had to look up and give thanks. You printed a "Help" request for me yesterday for my friend with Alzheimer's. By last evening, my mailbox was flooded!! WOW!!!! I have received so much helpful information, I know we will be able to find an acceptable solution for him.


Thanks to everyone!!!!! Talk about power of the people - GO PNN'er's!!


Love to all,





From Andy...


I have been reading the daily email for some seven or eight months now, and at first I just dismissed it as something to get through...


There are bits of it that do nothing for me, but others are very inspirational, and the funny thing about it all is that just reading the inspirational parts seems to be helping me become more like the kind of person I want to be rather than the kind of person that I was...


The transformation is slow and gradual, but it's there, and without PNN I'd be angrier and somewhat less caring...


Thank you, Jeanette...


--- Andy T




From Joanna...


I really enjoy the letters you send me each day. I really enjoy them very much. It gives me a positive thought on each day. Even when I am down I get on the computer and check e-mail each day and you are the first person I see.


--- Joanna




From Fay...


On my most sarcastic of days, I will read your newsletter, and see something that I am given a gift of thought from. It may not hit me that day, but there will come a moment, that its seeds bring forth something, and for that I am blessed with your letters. Donít give up this newsletter, it is a blessing in a lot of lives, we just donít say it enough. From that seed a flower grows Jeanette, and we both know, that they are gorgeous!


--- Fay R.




From Ed...


I had to share this issue of the Positive News Network (PNN) with all of my online friends. It contains excellent advice for the new year.


--- Ed




From Helen & Bill...


Thank You for making a difference in my life! The wonderful work you put into making PNN a wonderful news letter is indeed quite an accomplishment! I enjoy having my morning coffee and reading your article on a daily basis! You and Mark matter in my life! If only everyone would stop and smell the roses along the way... ...Thanks for being my friend! Though we are miles apart, we share a common bond....LOVE! God Bless you always ,


--- Helen & Bill J.




From Chuck...


This Friday will be my last day at The Coca-Cola Company. Iím am very excited about the endless possibilities of freelance work and have felt very supported by the PNN (as well as good friends like Mark) in my decision making process about this move.


--- Chuck




A Very Special Letter From One Of Our Original PNNers...


I was just thinking - I know that can be dangerous, but I have to do it every once in a while whether I need it or not!


Do you remember when you first invited me to receive PNN? Do you remember my response? I was very apprehensive. I am not a very religious person, although I do believe in God. That is what I thought it was all about.


Well, I am very glad that I continued to let you send it to me. It kind of reminds me of the magazine "New Woman" when it first came out. I used to read it cover to cover. It was about making the most of the person you were. Being a single mother and having to work my behind off to support us and trying to not lose my own identity and trying to still prove that someone would want my company was a load to handle all on my own. Over time, the magazine changed (not for the better) and I discontinued my subscription.


Now, over the years, I have lost some of that sense of self-assurance. I am a very strong woman and have very strong beliefs and confidence in my ability to do things. What I seemed to have trouble holding onto was the confidence in the person I was. I'm not sure how to make that more clear. I'm talking about the aura of confidence/assurance that people emit. There's the fear of people thinking you think more of yourself than you are worth or deserving of (or that I thought I was worthy of). Aging was trying to deprive me of it also. I thought I'd never get it back. I knew it was missing and I felt the loss.


Now between my friend, Ralph, and your PNN, I feel it coming back. Don't ask me how I know, but I do know that it has taken both of you - your confidence/insight building and his positive strokes. Neither of you could have done it alone.


My daughter always tells me there is a reason for everything that happens. Remember how we met in the first place? Kind of fate, huh?! So I guess there is a reason you and Ralph have come into my life. I just want to say "Thanks" and keep up the good work.






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