Happiness is not a state to be achieved. It is instead a state to be discovered – or perhaps rediscovered. I can show you how to rediscover that happiness you experienced as a child using memories. I call this method the Seven Gates To Happiness.

Would you like to be happy more of the time?

Would you like to have dreams that really do come true?

Would you like to better understand how women think and feel and how we can access the best of ourselves?

Would you like to have access to the mental, physical, spiritual and practical tools that help us to feel happy more of the time?

Do you agree that it makes sense to live a good life where you are strong in mind, body and spirit and that if you have kids you can help them live happily and healthfully?

You’ve come to the right place: The Enchanted Self! This is where you will learn all about yourself, and your family, in positive ways. You’ll get a chance to rediscover the real you before you were burdened by the stresses of adult life. Once you rediscover the best of yourself, you’ll learn ways to regenerate those talents and strengths into NOW. You will get a chance to better understand family life and particularly how your girls grow and what they need.

I’ll help you along your journey. Some resources include:

Inspiration via articles and stories that will cheer and guide you; Tele-classes and Chats that offer guidance through The Seven Gateways to Happiness, with topics like Better Parenting, Better Relationships, Self-Esteem, Meeting Your Needs, and more;

Books, CDs, jewelry, and more that get you started on your own path to happiness and delight;

Three different blogs which are designed just for you:

The Enchanted Self Blog: This blog offers you tremendous resources for your own growth in mind, body and spirit. You will find many of my major articles, podcasts, musings, and blessings, all designed to open you up to being the best you can be. Also on this blog are archives of 15 years’ worth of Enchanted Self material.

Positive Psychology for Women Blog: This blog offers you rich material in women’s development.

The Truth for Girls Blog: This blog offers you information of how to grow your girls up strong. (Information is great for you boys too). You will also find on this blog a special section for your kids to go to, and a special section for teachers and other educators to use.

Now go ahead and get started. I can’t wait to meet you!

~ © Barbara Becker Holstein