The great, spiritual, Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama often ends his talks by warmly asking two things of his audiences. This is what he says: “Our greatest duty and our main duty is to help others, and please, if you can’t help them, would you please not hurt them?”

These two requests are so simple, yet they are so powerful too. Within them are common sense, wisdom, kindness, the Golden Rule, and the great commandment to “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

Just think of how wonderful this world could be if all of us helped each other. Think of every child being held in loving arms. Think of a hand up for everyone who has fallen. Think of sweet smiles between strangers. Think of hugs of happiness between friends. Think of words of encouragement for every struggling student. Think of the sick being cared for, the lost being prayed for, and the elderly and disabled being watched over. Think of acts of kindness everywhere, blessing our lives and uplifting our spirits. Think of all of us connected together by helping hands and loving hearts.

And think of what would happen if even when we couldn’t help others we at least didn’t hurt them. What would happen if every time we felt a nasty comment coming to our mouth we placed our hand over it? What would happen if every time we raised a hand in anger we grasped it with our other hand and said a prayer instead? This whole world would feel more like Heaven because so many of us would be bringing Heaven here to Earth. Everything would be brighter because God’s love and light would be flowing out of each of our souls.

These two requests are so simple, but they have the strength to change your heart, and your life. They have the power to make this whole world better. May you always answer their call.

May you always live a life of love, helpfulness, and happiness.

~ © Joseph J. Mazzella