Ancient Amphibious Wisdom for a Modern Day World





Is there a huge project or undertaking you’re taking on?  Do you have a gazillion little things on your to-do list?  Do you feel overwhelmed by Life’s demands?

Get organized instead of overwhelmed.

Most of us have much more to-do than today.  We run around trying to get it all done, completely exhausted by the end of the day.  We may even beat ourselves up for not finishing everything.  We know we need to take better care of ourselves but with all of our responsibilities how is it possible? 

The truth is we may never get everything done.  Just like dishes, laundry, and taxes, there will always be more.  The good news is we can learn to let go of self-imposed demands to get every little thing done, right here, right now.  Organizing and prioritizing gives us the opportunity to schedule ourselves in and schedule the less important stuff out.

There are many tools of organization with everything from day planner books to internet calendars and cell phone applications which sync with computer software.  And of course, there’s always the good old fashioned notepad and pencil. What we use to organize ourselves isn’t as important as just getting organized.  Once we’ve got it all down on paper or into the latest technology, we can release it from our mind and body. This removes a lot of stress simply by transferring the energy of all those tasks to something outside of ourselves.

While everyone has a different way of organizing, the effort to do so has tremendous payoffs.  When we take a good look at everything, including how much time each item can take, we may soon come to the realization it is simply impossible to do it all in one day.  And that makes it OK – ok to reprioritize, ok to spread some of the tasks out to later in the week or month, ok to ask for help from others or to hire someone to do it for us. This can remove a tremendous amount of pressure – as well as guilt about not getting it all done or taking time for ourselves!

It may be helpful as we get organized to group things according to activity, such as self-care, phone calls to make, e-mails to answer, paperwork to do, errands to run, etc.  The brain can work more efficiently when focused on similar activities, and because we get into the flow of things, we tend to accomplish more.  Breaking down our to-do list into groups makes it feel less intimidating and not nearly as overwhelming.  Instead of looking at the entire to-do list, we can focus solely on self-care or phone calls.  Or just on e-mails.  Once completed, we can move onto the next group with a sense of accomplishment, and still be at ease with ourselves.

While it’s impossible to reach the mountain’s summit from several thousand feet away in one fell swoop, it is quite possible to reach the top by putting one foot in front of the other, taking one step at a time. Soon the mountain becomes a mere hill and it is not so scary or daunting.  In fact, we may discover we actually enjoy the journey.  Especially if we’ve taken the time to prepare for it.

So get organized instead of overwhelmed.

~ © Sir Froggie, JMP, April 25, 2012

“Even pond-scum has a purpose for sustaining life, think what human beings are capable of!”