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Glenna Heller

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SFPNN Featured Author:

Glenna Heller


From Victim To Victor

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Glenna Hellar

Author of
"From Victim To Victor"

Glenna Heller's triumphant column, From Victim To Victor is archived below.


Glenna Wilson Heller was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming of a white Mormon family amid the honorable and strong heritage of the tribes of Shoshone and Comanchee.


The Wilson's first departure from the Charles Wilson Ranch for California was by her parents, Glen Wilson and Ruth Vail Wilson, as they made their way to Santa Cruz, California, where Glenna was raised from the age of 3.


She never severed her ties with the Wyoming clans, but extended them to include an appreciation of another indigenous group, the Hawaiian, as the second fateful move of her life took her to the Island of Kauai.


It was there that she met Spirit in phenomenal encounters spawning from Hurricane Iniki and a fire that consumed her home. "Some people respond to spiritual taps on the shoulder." Glenna jokes. "With me, it took a propane explosion."


An honest writer, if not a great one within the Wilson family, "Uncle Nick" Wilson, inspired Glenna to the possibility of becoming published in spite of her education, generally considered lacking in today's environments.


Uncle Nick's book is now required reading in American schools.


Having returned to Santa Cruz County, Glenna now performs all kinds of writing regularly, from business in the high tech industry where she is presently employed to spiritual; from articles to books (she has two in progress). Her skills touched on the biological sciences as she was called on to professionally edit textbooks in addition to her regular job as a research contract negotiator at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


On Kauai, Glenna's work included editing as well, and she added several novels for private clients to her accolades. Her expertise expanded to include guest lecturing in a writing course at Kauai Community College. PNN is Glenna's first public expose` of personal written work.


The sun rises for Glenna from her daughter, Brooke Nelson, and grandchild, affectionately called Ti-Rose. She will join them in Durango, Colorado once her work in California is concluded.


Glenna is a student of A Course in Miracles. From that perspective, made rich in the fabric of her family heritage and personal, spiritual encounters, she shares her view of a profound, transformed world.


            --- Glenna Heller


You can E-Mail Glenna at:



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