This time of year is full of so many transitions and changes…Graduations from grade school, middle school, and college. And even soul graduations.  Summer vacations and traveling, new jobs, changes in nature, moves to new cities, and even new people being born.  Such is Life! 

Life, with all its changes and transitions, is a precious thing.  Life is meant to be honored and cherished.  And not just because Memorial Day is approaching when we honor those who have transitioned ahead of us.  We must honor and cherish the lives of those who are here with us.  And we must honor and cherish our own lives.

But do we?

Most people say life is precious and they don’t take it for granted, but how many times have we meant to tell someone we appreciate them and put it off until a later time?  How often have we had the chance to give someone a hug or smile but opted not to?  Have we gone to bed leaving important things unsaid because we could say them in the morning?  Have we put off making that phone call until tomorrow or next week because we figured the other person (and ourselves) would still be here?

It’s a good sign when we can take life for granted because it means things are going well.  But we can get lazy as a result. It’s good to stop and ask ourselves if we would live any differently knowing there was a possibility today would be our last day on the planet.  Love and Life itself might take on a new urgency, a new importance. Not only would we value the next twenty-four hours more, but we’d just might step things up a bit to truly honor and cherish the lives of those we care about, as well as our own.

So let’s not only value Life, but honor and cherish it too.

With Peace, Love, Happiness, Health and Prosperity,

Rev. Jeanette

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The Enchanted Self by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein


It’s not always easy to find and open the Seven Gateways to Happiness.  Not because they are locked or giant heavy gates.  The reason it isn’t easy is that opening them means giving some value to ourselves.  This sounds so simple, but so many of us women have trouble valuing ourselves.  We may value our children, our pets and even our garden more than we value ourselves.  Why is that?  Many reasons.  One reason is it takes time to value ourselves.  To value something you have to treat it as special and precious.  Most of us treat our children, certainly babies, that way.  However, to treat ourselves as special and precious means lots of things that many of us are not prepared to do.  Here are some of them:

1. Getting enough sleep;

2. Eating nutritious food;

3. Staying away from bad influences;

4.Having fun;

5.Staying connected to friends and relatives in our best interest;

6.Making sure we get the respect we deserve which can mean learning how to stand up for ourselves;

7.Developing our unique talents and potential. 

So, as you can see, it takes a commitment to ourselves to open the Gates to Happiness.  But once we start to make that commitment the Gates glide open with ease.  It is amazing!

Listen to me for a few minutes now to find out more on how to recognize how special you are!

This is an excerpt from my radio show Your Enchanted Self which airs on Amazing Women of Power. Click the link below to hear the audio.

Your Enchanted Self-Start Freeing Your Enchanted Self

~ © Barbara Becker Holstein

About: Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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In private practice since 1981, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, psychologist and originator of The Enchanted Self, has committed to bring the keys of enchantment to the world.

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“All the miracles of life that we take for granted are proof of the existence of an omnipresent divine Intelligence behind the processes of nature.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda


Tom R. Oh

Are you looking for unusual stories or twisted tales? Do you have a slightly (or greatly) demented sense of humor?  Tom is an Online Only Author and one of SFPNN’s most prolific writers.  He has a style uniquely his own and several mini-series in the making.

About: Tom R. Oh

Are you looking for unusual stories or twisted tales? Do you have a slightly (or greatly) demented sense of humor?  Tom is an Online Only Author and one of SFPNN's most prolific writers.  He has a style uniquely his own and several mini-series in the making.

Visit  Tomroh Profile and  Tomroh Old Profile

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“It is wise now and then to remove yourself from everyday considerations, to calm your mind and try to understand what kind of person you are and what kind of person you want to be.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda


Value Speak – by Joseph B. Walker


To me, it was all about popularity.

That’s sort of the way my mind worked back in the days of the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Brothers Gibb.  I liked to listen to popular music.  I liked to watch popular TV shows.  I liked to wear my hair the way the popular guys wore it. I wanted attention from the popular girls.

It was all about being popular, and the way I saw it, the more flowers on a grave on Memorial Day, the more popular the dearly departed person must have been. And if they were popular, then they must have been cool – or at the very least, groovy – and therefore worthy of significant time and floral attention.

Which meant that Grandma Walker was, sadly, uncool. Or at least, not very popular. She usually had three or four bouquets around her headstone – nice, but not . . . you know . . . groovy.

That surprised me a little.  I didn’t have a lot of memories of my Grandma Walker, but the memories I had were pleasant and sweet. She was tiny, I remember that. And she always wore her hair back in a bun.  And she was always smiling. She was a wonderful grandma, as far as I could remember.

But, evidently, not cool.

Who knew?

One Memorial Day we were visiting the cemetery when I noticed a grave not far from Grandma’s grave that was literally covered with flowers. I had never seen such a display. I was sure it was the grave of a movie star or a former president or a Mousketeer or something – the person underneath so many flowers had to be supremely popular.

I wandered over to check out the headstone, but there wasn’t one. Obviously, whoever this was, it was someone of such immense popularity that the grave didn’t even need a headstone. I was embarrassed that I didn’t know, and I wasn’t sure how to find out without revealing my own ignorance. So I asked someone who already knew I was ignorant: Mom.

“Well, I can’t actually tell you who is buried there,” she said.  “But I’m pretty sure it isn’t anyone famous. People who are famous don’t get buried here.”

“Then why are there so many flowers?” I asked. “There aren’t any other graves in this cemetery with that many flowers.”

She stopped arranging the lilacs and chrysanthemums she was preparing for Uncle Max’s grave and looked at me gently.

“That’s a new grave,” she said.  “Whoever is buried there probably died in the last week or so.  All of those flowers you see there are left over from the funeral.”

The thought sort of spooked me.  Mom could see it in my eyes, so she put her arm around my shoulder and tried to explain.

“New graves are special,” she said. “They tell us that someone recently made the trip home to God. And they tell us where there is new sorrow for people who have recently lost someone they love. So you can’t do any running and playing around here today.  There’s a new grave, and we need to be quiet and respectful.”

Mom’s words are echoing in my mind as I prepare for Memorial Day this year. While I visit her grave to pay my respects to her this weekend, I’ll also be thinking of dozens of new graves around the world, and the new sorrow those graves represent. And I’ll offer a prayer for God’s comfort and peace for all who are visiting new graves this Memorial Day.

Quietly and respectfully.

~ © Joseph B. Walker

About: Joseph Walker

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